RT Read Along: Megan Hart's Every Part of You - Part 1, "Tempts Me"

It's time for another RT Read Along — where we ask you to join us in reading a brand new e-serial from one of our favorite authors. This time I'm tackling Megan Hart's new five-part erotic serial Every Part of You. For the next five Tuesdays I'll be posting a recap of each serial section. The good, the bad and the smutty — it'll all be here. So join me, won't you? This week I begin with part one, "Tempts Me." And oh, what an accurate title!

The story opens with businesswoman Simone Kahan casually spying on Elliott Anderson — the sexy lawyer who works in the same building a floor below her. My first thought was "do they have glass floors in this building?" They don't really explain how Simone can see Elliott's office from a floor above (just that it's "angled perfectly so she can stare down into Elliott's eleventh-floor office on the opposite wing"), but I'm guessing their building has some sort of fancy, modern layout with partially transparent floors and ceilings where you can see part of the goings on in the offices surrounding yours. Simone has been seeing much more than she ever expected from Elliott, who has a habit of boning petite blonde bombshells in his office. Which, if you can see the offices around yours, means that Elliott probably knows other people can see him and just doesn't care. Can you see why I'm a little hung up on the layout of this office? Thankfully this is my only complaint with the story so far. Moving on...

So Simone is watching Elliott do a blonde, but it's okay because she likes to watch. This time, though, the show is extra rough as Elliott begins spanking the blonde, who is not amused. The blonde turns around and begins yelling at and hitting Elliott, who has an amused look on his face. Not cool, Elliott. But the story is in third person, and at the moment we're only getting Simone's point of view. As soon as the POV switches to Elliott, and we learn that apparently the woman told Elliott she was very naughty and needed punishing, to which Eliott responded with a few taps on her rump. She then changed her mind and decided to yell at him and storm out. Phew, possible abusive situation avoided there with some simple explaining. This must be why so many romance readers prefer third person.

So now Elliott is all alone in his office, while Simone is turned on, kind of touching herself, but also amused by just went down. It turns out Elliott's office romp was just a pit stop on the way to a party, so now he has to show up dateless. Luckily for us, we've got a brazen heroine who is about to solve Elliott's problem and make this story a whole heck of a lot more interesting than it already is. The two share an elevator ride down to the lobby, during which Simone is amazing. Simone knows she isn't Elliott's type — she's short and pale with a black pixie cut, and tries somewhat to look professional but isn't exactly stylish. Elliott knows she isn't for him the moment he sees her, but she still has the courage to flirt with him, figure out his deal and invite herself to the party he's headed to as his date. AH-mazing. I loved it. I wanted to be Simone in this moment. Elliott is so taken aback by her forwardness that he agrees, and they're off to schmooze at some hoity-toity shindig.

Simone is totally my kind of gal, because as soon as she gets to the event (which she is oh so underdressed for, but doesn't really care because she is awesome) she grabs a drink and heads for the buffet. Because, duh, free food. Elliott is appalled that she's scarfing down food he thinks is laden with other people's germs, but it's kind of adorable how much of a grumpy a-hole this dude is. Simone of course doesn't care, until she spills soy sauce all over her white shirt. It's hard to eat an egg roll and stay classy. She rushes to the unisex bathroom to clean herself up, but she's made a huge mess and has to completely take off her shirt and wash it in the sink. I've been there, Simone, but thankfully not while at a fancy party with a strange man. Elliott is worried that maybe she slipped and banged her head on the toilet, so he comes in and sees her sans shirt. Almost immediately after two more people come in, just in time for Elliott and Simone to hide in a stall together so people don't get the wrong impression (uh huh, suuuuure). They're both smushed up against each other, Simon without a shirt. Sexual tension, much? The two other folks who came into the bathroom are now in the stall next to them, and it's established that it's a woman giving a man oral pleasures. Awkward! Elliott and Simone try and escape being witness to beej action, but of course are caught by the other couple. So who is the lucky guy? None other than some really important politico who Simone obviously charms the pants off of because she is the best. Elliott is still kind of being a grump, but is warming up to Simone's awesomeness. They leave the party because Simone no longer has an opaque shirt and engage in some hot-and-heavy necking at Simone's apartment. Then, things go back to normal for a few weeks. Normal being Simone peeping on Elliott doing the dirty in his office.

This installment ends with Simone spending another late night at work, trying to make a date with her "fun buddy" Aiden, who she discovers is now in love with another woman. Despite only being his fun buddy, Simone is still bummed. She runs into Elliott on her way out and confronts him about why he didn't try to bone her after the party, like he does with all of his other dates. He admits to not being THAT big of an asshole, and she replies with demanding he join her out on the town, but not at another boring party with messy buffets and bathroom bjs. He agrees, and that's where we're left until next week!

I love this story so far, Simone is so much fun and although Elliott is kind of a curmudgeon, you can tell he's starting to warm up to the wacky voyeur girl who has been spying on him in his office. I mean, who wouldn't, right?

UPDATE: The author drew me this map to help explain how Simone can see Elliott from her office. Thank you!

Will Elliott and Simone finally do the deed? Will Aiden realize he picked the wrong girl? Who knows! We'll find out next Tuesday when part two in this serial, "Resists Me," releases. In the meantime, visit our Everything Erotica page for more genre news and views.