RT Read Along: Megan Hart's Every Part of You - Part 2, "Resists Me"

It's time for another RT Read Along — where we ask you to join us in reading a brand new e-serial from one of our favorite authors. This week I continue with part two in Megan Hart's five-part erotic serial Every Part of You, available February 18. This installment there's tons o' sexytimes and hero Elliott wins me over! Giant SPOILER ALERT for anyone who hasn't read parts one or two yet.

Picking up exactly where part one left off, "Resists Me" starts out with Simone dragging Elliott to a goth night club (Simone used to be a bit of a wild child) after she cornered him in their office's lobby and convinced him to go out with her again. She purposely chooses a place that would annoy Elliott, and I'm amazed by how much I can love this heroine. Straight-laced Elliott is not having any of it, and sulks at the bar drinking whiskey while Simone dances her little butt off alone, until some rando dude joins her. Elliott steps in, showing that he does have feelings for Simone — and he can dance! The dancing quickly becomes too much for either of their libidos and they quickly return to Simone's place for sexytimes.

And here's where things get interesting. Elliott obviously has some issues. I mean, up until he met Simone he had been boning random women in his office so, clearly we've got a hero who can't commit and had some intimacy issues. But he likes Simone, and she lays all her cards out on the table, straight up telling Elliott she would like to have sex. There's lots of superbly written foreplay, but Elliott draws the line at intercourse. Another reluctant hero who can't commit. Instead of a traditional finish, he relieves himself all over her. Which, for this erotica reader, is always a nice change of pace. As soon as he's done he up and leaves, and Simone is kind of annoyed but not really bothered because she just had an orgasm and can't be bothered with Elliott's issues right now. Still, she likes Elliott enough to have a talk with him about it at work the next day. She even brings him food!

Elliott is touched by the gesture, although he of course doesn't really show it. But Simone isn't there to eat scones, she wants to talk about Elliott's disappearing act the night before. And what exactly he's getting into if he decides to sleep with her again. The conversation leads to Simone sitting in Elliotts lap, whispering in his ear that she enjoys pain, after which Elliott immediately dumps her on the floor in shock. I laughed, it was funny. But the conversation turns serious as Simone explains exactly what she means:

"I don't like being tied up. Or spanked as discipline."

The tone of her voice had gone from light to slightly harsh, but she didn't work too hard to change it.

"I will never, ever wear a collar. I won't call any man Master."

A masochist who isn't a sub! The erotica angels are singing! But Elliott is freaked out. He's been rough with Simone, but he's firm about not enjoying hurting women... 

"You like it, she repeated softly. "And I like it. So where's the harm in likin it together?"
He shook his head again. Harder this time. "You have no idea." "About what? What I like?" It was Simone's turn to frown.

"Because I can guarantee you, I've had enough time to figure it out. I mean, this wouldn't be the first time a dude's tried to tell me what I like or not —"

"No. Not about what you like. About what I like. I don't. Like...that," Elliott said.

Elliott elaborates:

"What you said in my office. About me liking to hurt the women I fuck. It's not true."

She didn't contradict him. She waited. He breathed.

"I like to make you feel good."

And that right there, folks, is where I fell in love with Elliott. She's a masochist, but he isn't exactly a sadist. He wants to please the women he's with, that means giving them what they want sexually. He's not comfortable with the idea of hurting women and he doesn't necessarily get off on the thought, but he gets off on Simone's pleasure from receiving pain. This moment is where, for me, Elliott went from being your typical grumpy, suit-wearing erotica hero with tons of issues and Alpha tendencies to a human I could actually relate to. Simone and Elliott both grew as characters from this conversation, and as a reader I'd love to see more romance protagonists discussing sex openly.

Unfortunately, Elliott still isn't 100 percent comfortable having adult conversations with women because his wall goes up and he tells Simone he doesn't want to see her again. After all that progress!

"I don't want you coming to my office again."

Everything inside her went cold. Then hot. Then cold again.

"I see."

"It's not you," Elliott said finally.

"No. It's you. Definitely you."

Simone is right, too. Elliott needs to deal with his shit before he can be emotionally responsible. In part one of this serial it's hinted at that Elliott has someone close to him who is extremely ill and needs round-the-clock care. In this installment, he visit this person, Molly. It's not entirely clear at first how she fits into his life, and I like that the author is keeping this sort of a mystery from the reader and the whole truth will presumably come out when Simone learns about the situation. I'm going to guess she's his stepmother, but regardless, she had a huge impact on Elliott's upbringing and he's pretty upset about her state. During a scene in which he visits her, Molly knows he's upset about a woman, and it comes out that he hasn't really had a serious relationship since college (Elliott is in his 40s). The puzzle pieces are coming together!

Although they're apart, Elliott still finds himself furiously masturbating while thinking of Simone in the shower (side note: more masturbating in erotic romance, please), and Simone finds time to do yoga and gripe to her bestie about her complicated Elliott situation. And eat nachos. Time well spent, Simone.

This installment ends with a bit of a twist — the hot shot politician Simone flirted with at the party in the last installment? He calls Simone and invites her to another party. I'm already itching for part three!

Are you reading Megan Hart's Every Part of You? If not, there's still time to read part one before part two releases February 18! For more steamy reads visit our Everything Erotica page.