RT Read Along: Megan Hart's Every Part of You - Parts 4 & 5

Megan Hart’s five-part serial Every Part of You concluded yesterday with the release of the final episode, “Takes Me.” As with most serials I try to read, I fell behind and read parts four and five together. What can I say, I like reading my books in one sitting just how I like binge-watching entire TV series at once. Gimme it all!

Part four starts out with Elliott and Simone acting like a “normal couple,” going on dates, canoodling — and not humping each other every chance they get because they’ve deciding to take things slow. We finally learn, through a visit with his sick stepmom Molly, about Elliott’s trauma, which is a common source of hero trauma in many BDSM-themed romances — his father was abusive and he doesn’t want to hurt women because he doesn’t want to be his father. Which, of course, means that when the sexual tension between Elliott and Simone is too much to bear and they get to some sexytimes, Elliott freaks out and acts like a complete ass when Simone once again asks him to hurt her sexually.

Simone appropriately responds to Elliott running away like a terrified manchild by telling him to go screw himself. Unfortunately, it also causes her again to run back to fun buddy Aiden, who is happy with his new subbie girlfriend. He beats Simone, but she realizes she doesn’t really want to have sex with him ever again (can’t blame her).

As we begin part five, Simone's still angry about Elliott, and Aiden and his lady are trying to convince her to come with them to a BDSM club. I want to take a moment here to appreciate Simone’s reaction:

“I’m not going to some throwback sex club where they play "Enigma” on a constant loop and everyone wears fishnets on their arms. No.”

I cracked up, because in so many erotic novels the sex clubs are these classy, hidden away establishments, and Simone's description is how I would picture a club in real life. Of course, since this an erotic novel, the club Simone eventually agrees to go to has been remodeled and is really nice. And no one really wants to read about characters getting it on in anything less.

The club scene is incredibly hot. Simone meets a Domme who insists Simone use her sub boytoy to release her frustration. It’s a great sex scene, probably my favorite in the book.

Elliott, after meeting with his dad and discovering he isn’t a horrible monster for wanting to give Simone fantastic sexytimes, realizes he’s made a huge mistake and begs for her forgiveness by doing what men should always do when they’ve fucked up (though it never seems to happen right away) — admit you did something wrong and apologize. They have hot sex where Elliott is willing to give Simone the pain she desires, and all is right with the world.

Overall, I really enjoyed this story. I think it would’ve worked better as an entire book rather than as a serial (and I’m hoping the publisher will release a print version in a few months), but regardless it was highly entertaining. Simone and Elliott balance each other really well, and I appreciated that it wasn’t a full-on BDSM novel, but used the Simone’s masochistic desires to create conflict between the hero and heroine. Simone was a strong, confident women who could push back against Elliott, who was ultimately likable despite all his issues.

Did you read this serial and love it too? Or are you going to wait for the publisher to hopefully release the whole thing together? For more sexy reads, don't forget to visit our Everything Erotica page. You can also read my recaps of part 1, part 2 and part 3 in this serial.