RT Read-Along: Ruthie Knox's Roman Holiday 2: Hitched

Last week we kicked off our first RT read-a-long with episode 1 of Ruthie Knox’s Roman Holiday, “Chained.” After seven days of (im)patiently waiting, we’re back with episode two, “Hitched.” If you’re new here, RT’s Elisa and Elissa (aka EV and EP, for your sanity) are reading along with the 10-part serial, which will be released in two chunks, one between now and mid-December, and the second in March. If you’re reading along with us, let us know! We love company.

EP: EV, it’s true what Tom Petty says, the waiting is indeed the hardest part. Now that Roman Holiday is really starting to gather speed (a road trip pun, don’t cha know), waiting each week for the next installment is tough! I actually clapped my hands in delight when episode two, “Hitched” hit my inbox. Then I downloaded it right quick.

EV: I thought I loved the concept of serialized romances, but not I’m not so sure. Waiting is HARD. Especially when the story is really good (and, lucky for us, this one is!).  

EP: It really is! Do you understand now why I’ve become such a Ruthie Knox pusher?

EV: I totally get it know. All the Ruthie love from RT makes sense now. I’m really enjoying how she’s struck the perfect balance of fun, sexy and hilarious in Roman Holiday so far. What I’m really impatient about is getting to know more about mysterious Roman.

EP: Yes, the juxtaposition of who he says he is: heartless developer who wants a relationship of shared goals and convenience with the as-yet-to-be-seen Carmen, versus how he helps Ashley, and drives her all the way to Georgia without putting up much of a fight, is really interesting. And it makes me want to know more NOW.

EV: I think us getting to read books months in advance for RT has really spoiled us rotten. Roman’s girlfriend Carmen still only exists in his brief phone calls with her, but I cannot WAIT to see the stand off between her and Ashley (please, let there be a stand off). Especially since Ashley is such a firecracker.

EP: I also really, really want Ashley to go through the boxes her grandmother left her in the Airstream. I was actually yelling at her as they prepared to evacuate the Keys and head to the Georgia commune. There’s a clue in there, Ashley! Get over yourself and start reading!

EV: You know she’s going to find something big. After hearing about how she got along so well with her grandma, I bet her grandma left her something epic. There’s a deed or a bunch of money or something, I’m hoping. For Ashley’s sake. Because right now all she has is a crappy trailer and a guy who’s dying to get rid of her.

EP: Yeah, but you know she’s kind of growing on him. He was checking her out! And it seemed as if he genuinely felt bad about the terms of the sale Ashley’s grandma insisted upon, keeping everything from granddaughter. And I totally agree with you, I don’t think grandma would play Ashley like that. There’s for sure more there!

EV: I love how he was trying to hide his smiles, and stay stoic. I think my favorite part of this installment was either when she tried to trip him up by speaking Spanish (he has a midwestern accent but wouldn’t divulge where he’s from) ...

EP: Yes! I loved that part! The mysterious Roman. Seems like he knows we’ve got eight parts to go until the finale. My favorite was when he was building milk carton and sugar packet houses at the diner, and Ashley kept knocking them over. A great metaphor for their relationship, and classic Knox. Also, we know he’s really a hero after all, because he ordered extra hash browns and pancakes for her … can you even?!

EV: … (you totally stole my thunder but I love it) because that part where they stop for food at a diner is epic. Because, yeah, she’s a vegetarian and since it’s the South all the veggies are made with meat (as someone who also doesn’t eat meat, I feel you, Ashley) so he orders extra non-meat foods because he knows she’s hungry after being tied up for so long. Great scene!

EP: And, oh, the end, when they show up at “Okefenokee Land Cooperative, An Intentional Community, Pop. 362” and Roman gets his truck stuck. One line in particular, as Roman’s trying to get his truck unstuck, but just keeps driving it deeper into the mud, and Ashley finally hops out to greet her friends, and Knox writes: “She had so little faith in him, she didn’t even bother closing the door.” LOVE. She’s unsettling him — not like Carmen at all, I’d wager.

I can’t wait to see what those hippies have in store for our favorite overzealous real estate developer.

EV: I’m excited for what craziness Ashley has in store for Roman. Six more days!

Are you reading Roman Holiday? Let us know what you think in the comments! And check back next Tuesday for our thoughts on book 2, "Hitched," available Monday, November 18. Fore more love stories visit our Everything Romance Page.