RT Read-Along: Ruthie Knox's Roman Holiday 3: Blindsided

Last week we continued our first RT read-a-long with episode 2 of Ruthie Knox’s Roman Holiday, “Hitched.” After seven days of (im)patiently waiting, we’re back with episode three, “Blindsided.” If you’re new here, RT’s Elisa and Elissa (aka EV and EP, for your sanity) are reading along with the 10-part serial, which will be released in two chunks, one between now and mid-December, and the second in March. If you’re reading along with us, let us know! We love company.

EP: Well! We’re three parts into the great serial experiment. What do you think so far of reading a piecemeal romance?

EV: I haven’t quite decided yet. On one hand, I want to read the rest of the book ASAP, and on another it’s a nice surprise every week. I also read so much, that it’s nice to have Ruthie’s “Letter From the Author” recapping what’s happened so far to remind me what’s going on.

EP: I’m finding that I like the little bites of story, but I definitely want to Know. What. Happens. Next. C’mon, Knox!

EV: Seriously!

EP: So, to recap this week’s adventures: Ashley and Roman are at the hippie commune, where a drum circle takes place. Now, I must tell you: I am not a drum circle person. No siree. But our girl Ashley is into it, as Roman looks on askance.

EV: I love that Ashley seems to be down for whatever. Makes for great road trip adventures, that’s for sure.

EP: The next morning, Ashley and takes a canoe ride with Mitzi and they come up with a nefarious plan to thwart Roman’s destruction of the run-down resort: Key deer! Roman is sufficiently cowed by this news, which was kind of surprising to me.

EV: You don’t necessarily think of big business as being scared of an impending environmental claim, especially if all their studies are in order. But I wish it were that way.

EP: I really liked that Ashley’s finding her backbone a bit. She backs away from Mitzi’s hardcore plan to DESTROY Roman, remembering her grandmother’s reservations about her friend, and seems to draw strength from her grandma’s memory. It makes me want to know even more what happened with the sale. Why didn’t Mitzi know? Why won’t Ashley read those documents?

EV: I seriously want to shake her. You know it’s going to be big and presumably take care of all of her problems.

EP: Although I have to say, I’m not really down with Ashley’s plan to take two weeks to drive Roman all over the country to meet her friends. Like she’s going to heal him through love or something? Did the circle drum the good sense right out of her head? I trust Ruthie, but right now I’m a bit skeptical.

EV: I’m looking forward to it bc I thought this would be the end of the “road trip” part of this romance, but it’s not! I think she’s going to introduce him to all the people who vacation in her grandmother’s resort (if you can call it that…) and guilt him into feeling real human feelings.

EP: And oh! We can’t forget, this episode we met Carmen! Carmen, who’s lusting after Roman’s nice guy foreman. Get it, girl!

EV: I totally don’t blame her because Noah is totally my type. Strong, bearded and burly. His description had me drooling...

"A big, burly chest, and giant arms covered in fur, and jean-clad thighs that she wasn’t sure she could span with her hands. Snug jeans. A big belt buckle that belonged in Texas or somewhere, and beneath it—"

This makes it even easier for me to cheer for Ashley and Roman, since Carmen obviously has the better end of that deal (sorry, Roman, you’re cute but...eh).

EP: I guess we’ll have to wait and see what happens next week … 

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