RT Read-Along: Ruthie Knox's Roman Holiday 4: Ravaged

Last week we continued our first RT read-a-long with episode 3 of Ruthie Knox’s Roman Holiday, “Blindsided.” After seven days of (im)patiently waiting, we’re back with episode four, “Ravaged.” If you’re new here, RT’s Elisa and Elissa (aka EV and EP, for your sanity) are reading along with the 10-part serial, which will be released in two chunks, one between now and mid-December, and the second in March. If you’re reading along with us, let us know! We love company.

EP: Well! We’re really getting somewhere now, aren’t we? This episode had sexytimes, backstory and mud.

EV: Finally! I have been wanting some Romand and Ashley sexytimes. Although they don’t go “all the way,” I’m glad they’re getting there.

EP: Ok, deep thoughts time: I thought it was interesting when Ashley went to visit some Sunnyvale devotees who weren’t as gung ho as Ashley about saving the complex. It made me think about vacation friends, and, like, camp boyfriends. Are we our true selves when we’re on vacation?

EV: I definitely tried to re-invent myself every year at summer camp as a kid, but now that I’m an adult, I kind of stopped caring so much. With bathing suit gut and no makeup, I am probably my truest form while on vacation.

EP: And, I mean, who doesn’t want free WiFi? (We are probably biased, we work on the web, after all.)

EV: I was kind of bummed Ashley's Sunnyvale friends weren’t rallying behind her, because I’m rooting for her, but also, I too enjoy vacation resorts with gyms and WiFi.

EP: And then there were the sexytimes. In the mud.

EV: It was surprisingly really hot! Although I’m not entirely sure I could get behind someone touching my bits in the mud, but when the mood strikes, sometimes you just have to go for it.