RT Read-Along: Ruthie Knox's Roman Holiday 5: Ignited

Last week we continued our first RT read-a-long with episode 4 of Ruthie Knox’s Roman Holiday, “Ravaged.” After seven days of (im)patiently waiting, we’re back with episode five, “Ignited,” the final installment in season 1 of Roman Holiday. If you’re new here, RT’s Elisa and Elissa (aka EV and EP, for your sanity) are reading along with the 10-part serial, which will be released in two chunks, one between now and mid-December, and the second in March. If you’re reading along with us, let us know! We love company.

EP: Well, well, well, Verna. It’s come to this. We’re invested in the story, we can’t wait to see what happens — and Knox leaves us hanging. FOR MONTHS.

EV: The first season ended so quickly! I feel like we just started this book yesterday.

EP: I guess we should back up and explain. Ruthie’s serial, Roman Holiday, which we’ve been recapping week after week, is broken into two seasons. This week, we come to the end of season one. We always knew this was going to happen. And yet …

EV: We’re left hanging until March. Not really sure how I feel about this “seasons” thing, but I hope I remember what’s happened thus far by the time season 2 stars. Luckily, Ruthie’s letter in the beginning of each episode help jog my memory.

EP: It’s like camp boyfriends AGAIN! You know your romance can only last so long, but it’s still so hard to say goodbye. Like that Boyz 2 Men song. Except you’re too young to know about B2N, EV, UNTIL NOW.

EV: I’m learning so many new things while reading this book. Thank you, EP.

EP: But let’s get to the action! Ashley’s plan is falling further and further apart, as it seems that the Sunnyvale residents really don’t love the place as much as she does. As we learn this week from an outside source: it’s a dump.

EV: Yet another couple who fails to see the magical charm of Sunnyvale. I guess the free WiFi of fancy resorts is hard to turn down.

EP: It’s a really interesting twist that’s happened here, as we are coming to see that the HEA we envisioned right from page one — of an impassioned Ashley winning her home back from the evil Roman — isn’t exactly going to happen.

EV: It looks like they’re going to have to compromise. Roman only has a little more than a week left with Ashley, and he’s feeling pressure from Carmen and her bigwig developer father to tear down Sunnyvale. Something has got to give, we just don’t know what yet.

EP: And Ashley finally went through those boxes! And instead of salvation, what was inside, but CRAP! Oh man. Poor Ashley. Her grandma wasn’t the savior she needed either. But the longer I spend with Ashley the more I think: you need to grow up, girl.

EV: She tried to convince Roman that the boxes contained sentimental souvenirs and trinkets from trips she took with her grandma, but Roman had to deliver some truth: it was really just a bunch of old crap. I’m still not convinced Ashley went through ALL the boxes though. There has to be a sliver of truth explaining her grandma’s decisions re: Sunnyvale in there somewhere.

EP: And Roman’s whole sad story finally comes out! I just wanted to give him a hug. The setting was fantastic, too, and made me want to road trip out to Pennsylvania to find out if it was real.

EV: I loved Roman’s full story. After this chapter I am totally and completely on Team Roman. Although his story was a little grisly, it still felt real because it was rooted in history. For a closed-off, brooding hero, Roman definitely has good reasons for being the way he is.

EP: And now we wait. Knox, you’re evil! She even left Roman’s brand new ex Carmen WAITING ON A HIGHWAY ON RAMP to see if Noah will join her for a quickie. How long exactly do we have to wait again?

EV: That moment endeared me so much to Carmen (get it, girl), but also made me feel bad for her because her desire to be with Noah ASAP isn’t exactly coming from the best place. I guess we’ll see what Ruthie has in store come March 2014! 

Are you reading Roman Holiday? Let us know what you think in the comments! And check back March 2014 when we continue with season 2 of Roman Holiday. Fore more love stories visit our Everything Romance Page.