RT Reports From ThrillerFest

Mystery writers gather together each year for ThrillerFest, a four-day conference hosted by the organization of International Thriller Writers. We were psyched to attend their fifth annual conference, which was held at the Grand Hyatt hotel, above the famed Grand Central Station in New York City.

Writers attend panels about the craft of writing, such as “How To Make Your Pulse Race,” as well as discussions about the business of writing, like the Friday-morning panel “How Do you Excite Your Editor and Get More Out of Your Publisher?” There were also workshops for fans of the genre like “Who’s Your Hero? In Fiction and in Real Life” and “What’s Love Got to Do With It.”

RT’s summer interns, Lizzie Poteet and Spencer Freeman, swung by the crossover panel, “Are YA Novels For Grownups Too?” The panel, which was moderated by F. Paul Wilson, will be covered in a blog post by the interns at a later date. It included insight from authors Jennifer Allison, A. J. Hartley, Andrew Harwell, Robert Liparulo, Ridley Pearson and R.L. Stine.
Among the topics the interns will cover is fact that “Everybody, including the panelists, were star struck by R.L. Stine and he’s really funny.”

Missed ThrillerFest this year? You can download the audio of the panels at www.VWTapes.com and stay tuned for even more ThrillerFest coverage!


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