RT Reviewers Dish: Taking A Shot By Jaci Burton

This week, RT Reviewers Janine and Dawn are Dishing about Taking a Shot, the third book in Jaci Burton’s phenomenally popular Play-By-Play series. After readers devoured Mick and Gavin’s tales, little sister Jenna Riley finally gets her story. A wild child at heart, Jenna has had her share of previous relationships, but nothing compares to the undeniable feelings she has for hockey star Tyler Anderson. Read on to find out what our reviewers thought of this hot erotic romance novel. 

Janine: I loved getting to know Jenna, the manager at her family’s bar. She has a quick wit and is always ready to have fun and laugh. She is exactly the type of person I like to hang out with!

Dawn: Yeah, she does like to have a good time, but not everything in her life is great. She is about ready to drown in the irony that even though she runs a sports bar, Riley’s, she has absolutely zero interest in sports.

Janine: And despite the fact that she is surrounded by sexy athletes who frequent her establishment, Jenna also has zero interest in dating a sports star.

Dawn: Which is crazy talk! For most women, dating a pro athlete would be a huge plus — someone who is in shape, makes tons of money, travels a lot. Did I mention in shape? (Just think of the abs!)

Janine: But growing up in a sports family, Jenna has learned that a lot of athletes are not good for the long haul. There are a lot of overblown egos involved, and she doesn’t even watch sports, so the fame aspect isn’t exactly appealing to her.

Dawn: But her plan for an athlete-free love life backfires when she meets Tyler Anderson, a charming, intelligent, and most importantly, drama-free professional hockey player. He is totally sexy and has his eye set on stubborn Jenna.

Janine: Actually, he has both eyes on Jenna and no matter how much she protests, she knows that Ty is an all around great guy.

Dawn: I really like that even before they begin a relationship, Ty is completely into Jenna and not afraid to say so. She is just so different from the doting fan girls who gawk at the hockey players that frequent Riley’s. Jenna is laid back (but still hardworking), smart, sassy and about as close perfect as any woman Ty has ever met.

Janine: Except for the fact that she is so wrapped up in her preconceived notions about pro athletes that she’s constantly shooting Ty down, despite her undeniable physical attraction to the hunky hockey player.

Dawn: Ty even passes Jenna’s “liquor as a predictor” test.

Janine: Ah, yes the infamous, “if you know what his drinks, then you can guess his personality” schtick. It may not be very scientific, but throughout the story, Jenna’s assumptions tend to be pretty accurate.

Dawn: Like the guy she spots drinking bourbon, which means he’s “Likely dating twenty girls at once and can’t keep their names straight.” Or the wine drinker who is “fussy and anal retentive.”

Janine: She picks out men’s flaws as easy as looking at their drink. Mama’s boy, bully, wimp … they all have their signature cocktails.

Dawn: I wonder what she would say about my guy. He likes girly drinks. Pink ones.

Janine: Nothing wrong with a fruity adult beverage! But Jenna thinks beer is the drink of choice for a winning man. Which is only one of the reasons she decides to go out on a date with the hot, beer drinking doctor that walks into Riley’s and asks her out, right in front of Ty.

Dawn: Points for Ty for playing it cool and not being the jealous, macho type.

Janine: Ty just sits back and waits for Jenna to realize that the sparks between them are more than just physical attraction. He knows she isn’t into Dr. Hottie and is just looking for someone to distract her from Ty. She’ll be back.

Dawn: Normally that cocky behavior would drive me nuts, but with Ty it is not overdone, it is subtle. Ty knows that what’s between him and Jenna is special, even if it’s only in the sack at first.

Janine: You say “only in the sack” like it is a bad thing. Not so in Burton’s stories. Mattress time in these books can be life-altering experiences. And Jenna gets a taste of this when she finally, finally says yes to Ty. He far exceeds her wildest dreams even though she has been expecting him to be a wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am kind of lover.

Dawn: Not this guy — Ty puts the “damn” in stamina. (Okay so that sounded a lot better in my head.)

Janine: Although at first Ty does a lot of the work in bed …

Dawn: He really encourages Jenna to tell him what she likes, but I found this a tiny bit annoying. There is a lot of “yes” and “harder”. I guess that’s why they call this the Play-by-Play series.

Janine: She is a talker, but I like that. I melted when Ty said he wants her to communicate her likes and dislikes in bed. I’ve never loved an erotica hero more!

Dawn: Ty is pretty fantastic. Nothing turns this guy off — he especially loves Jenna’s piercings and tattoos — so much that it made me consider getting some!

Janine: I was little worried for him about Jenna’s intimate piercing (if you know what I mean) and how exactly it would work with a condom, but Ty navigates this well and is completely ready to play.

Dawn: Again, nothing turns this guy off. The two have a very interesting sex life.

Janine: Yup, they definitely get busy in bed ...

Dawn: And on the ice in a hockey arena ...

Janine: And at Jenna’s bar ...

Dawn: If I were them, I’d try to be a little more careful, because I’m sure that there are all sorts of security cameras in several of those spots!

Janine: But hey, maybe they’re into that?

Dawn: I’m not sure about the logistics with this in real life, but I can tell you that in this novel public displays of affection is a recipe for getting readers all hot and bothered.

Janine: Which makes waiting for the next book in the Play-by-Play series especially difficult.

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