RT's Angst-o-Meter - Which Historical Heroine Has It The Worst?

Marriage is one of the most exciting experiences a couple can share, but there's also sure to be difficulties along the way — both getting to the altar and during that long ever after. The heroes and heroines in our recent favorite historical romances have certainly had their fair share of marital issues. The question is, who has the biggest problem? Today we take a look at some recent memorable heroines and what they must overcome to get their HEA, rating their problems on our brand new Angst-o-Meter (patent pending), with a scale of 1 (not too bad) to 5 (major issues). 


How to Lose a Bride in One Night by Sophie Jordan


What it’s all about: Annalise thinks she’s finally getting her happily ever after when she marries a duke. Alas, her HEA is super light on the “happy” when her husband tosses her overboard on their wedding night. But wait! Owen Crawford, Earl of McDowell, rescues Annalise and insists on teaching her how to protect herself before sending her back home. Annalise finds herself falling in love and thinking that maybe she has a chance at a happy ending, after all.

Angst-o-Meter Rating: Being tossed overboard — by her new husband, no less — earns Annalise the highest rating on our angst-o-meter! And falling for her warrior savior isn't going to make things much easier for Annalise when she returns home. Annalise’s problems come in at a rating of 4.



Illicit Love by Jane Lark


What it’s all about: In this Regency-era tale, Ellen Harding is Gainsborough’s mistress — and she’s desperate to escape his cruelty. Edward Marlow has always been captivated by Ellen and finds himself more and more drawn to her, yet he doesn’t know of the dark burdens she carries. When she asks him for his help, they elope and try to confront Ellen’s troubles together.

Angst-o-Meter Rating: There’s no denying Ellen’s been dealt a bad hand, and we’re glad Edward is there to help her. With an abusive master, a troubled past and a man she feels unworthy of, Ellen sure has some obstacles to overcome, earning her problems a 5.



The Highlander’s Desire by Margo Maguire


What it’s all about: Lachann Macmillan’s idea of love became forever tainted when his beloved married another man. Now, in an attempt to gain the land he desperately wants, he plans on marrying a lord’s daughter. Too bad he grows unexpectedly attracted to Anna, a servant girl with no dreams of love or marriage. As the pair grow closer, they must rise above betrayal and jealousy to grab their chance at happiness.

Angst-o-Meter Rating: Poor Lachann, we feel for the guy, being thrown over by his first love. It's great that he's eyeing Anna, but class differences back in Medieval Scotland were no joke, giving this couple a bumpy road to their HEA, and earning them an Angst-o-Meter rating of 3.




And Then Comes Marriage by Celeste Bradley


What it’s all about: Single and ready to mingle after a stifling marriage, Miranda is courted by not one, but two delightful and handsome men. Once they realize they're each after the same woman, twins Poll and Castor set out to find who is worthy of Miranda's heart. Alas, someone's out for Miranda's blood, upping the stakes as she searches for her HEA.

Angst-o-Meter Rating: We've got to be honest, having two hot bachelors pursuing us doesn't sound too bad at all. But Miranda's got those pesky threats to deal with as she chooses between wooing twins, earning her a 1.5 on our scale.


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