RT's Casting Couch: J. Lynn's Wait for You — With Giveaway!

Oh reader, we think we've made it clear, we love overselves some New Adult. And one of our absolutes favorites is J. Lynn. We are for real obsessed with Wait for You, and are super excited about this week's novella release of Trust in Me, Cam's versions of the events in Wait for You. To celebrate, two members of RT's web team — Elissa and DJ — have put together their fantasy casts for the hypothetical movie version of Wait for You, and we want you to vote on whose cast is best. We've also got a giveaway at the bottom of the post!


Cameron Hamilton

Elissa says: I know Henry Cavill's name has been bandied about for Christian Grey a fair amount, but when I think of Cam I think of Superman. Not only does he save our girl Avery, but he's tall and broad, with dark hair and blue eyes. Add in Cavill's strong jaw, and we have a winner! 

DJ says: I pictured Cam as having boyish, yet defined features and Matt Lanter immediately came to mind. And he looks good shirtless. ‘Cause, you know, that’s the important part. While his acting isn’t perfect, I think Matt would be able to successfully capture Cam’s charm, confidence and seriousness.


Avery Morganstern

Elissa says: Avery was tough to cast, because she has to look vulnerable, but not like a pushover. I thought Willa Holland would be a great choice because while she's willowly and beautiful, she also has a sly side to her that would work well as Avery overcomes her insecuritites. 

DJ says: Along with Robert Pattinson, I pretty much want Alexis Bledel to be in everything. Her time on Gilmore Girls showcased her comedic timing and her ability to warm our hearts, which, in my book, would make her a great fit for Avery.


Jase Winstead

Elissa says: Jase is the star of the upcoming Be With Me, which DJ and I are already fighting over. He's tall and broad and has long shaggy hair. That description can mean only one person to me: Jared Padalecki

DJ says: I know, I know. Mr. Buzolic is neither Spanish or Mediterranean, which are two words Teresa uses when describing Jase in Be With Me. But, Nathaniel Buzolic is from Down Under, so he can probably get pretty tan from the lovely Australian sun. At any rate, he’s nice to look at. His time on The Vampire Diaries was way too short.


Teresa Hamilton

Elissa says: Teresa's dark-haired like her brother, and troubled, like Avery. She's a dancer, so must be lithe, and she's got to stand up to Jase in Be With Me, so a backbone wouldn't hurt. Put that all together, and you've got Lucy Hale

DJ says: To be honest, I never really was able to form a clear depiction of Teresa. That said, I would choose Emma Roberts to take on this role. She has a pretty good track record so far and could most definitely pull of Teresa’s quiet, yet angsty persona.



So what do you think? Whose cast is best? Vote now! And comment below on whose cast you like best, or who you would cast, for a chance to win one of five e-book copies of Trust in Me! Open to international & U.S. residents. Winners will be announced here next Thursday.


And be sure to check out Trust in Me, available online now. For more NA news, visit our Everything Young Adult page, we've got you covered.