RT's Elissa Picks Three Upcoming Must-Read Contemporary YA Tales

One of the best things about the young adult genre is the pure amount of diversity available in the books published each month. Authors can really push the envelope, anything goes when young readers are your target audience. Sure, there's still a lot of vampire romance (and that's not a bad thing! We at RT are super into Team Human right now), and we're loving all the teens in space as of late, but now even contemporary titles are mixing it up. If you're up for something different, check out these upcoming titles of modern-day teens in extraordinary situations.

The Waiting Sky by Lara Zielin (August, Putnam): Teen storm chasers! Oh yes. This books starts out with a set up we've seen before — girl dealing with an alcoholic mother — but then veers into new territory when Jane heads off to spend the summer with her older brother and his friends (including a cute bad boy, hello), all of whom are tornado chasers! 

A Girl Named Digit by Annabel Monaghan (June, Houghton Mifflin): We've loved the spy girl concept since Ally Carter's awesome Gallagher Girls series came on the scene. Mongaghan offers a different twist with her smarty protagonist, Farrah, a math genius who just might have gotten a clue to a recent terrorist attack at JFK. Add in a cutie FBI agent who's there to help Farrah crack the code, and we're hooked!

Endangered by Eliot Schrefer (November, Scholastic): This one's got monkeys! Oh yes. A girl heads to the Congo to a bonobo reservation with her mom, super not into it. Until, of course, she bonds with the monkeys. (Who wouldn't?!) Then rebellion breaks out and she is forced into the wild with her primate pals, left fighting for their lives. The promo material reads, in part: "Eliot Schrefer asks ... what it means to be human." I ask ... how soon can we have this book?

- Elissa Petruzzi

Be sure to check back at your favorite bookstore for these upcoming releases! If there's a YA read you can't wait for, let us know in the comments below! For more genre news and coverage visit our Everything Young Adult Page.