RT's Staff Gives Thanks: Books And Authors We're Thankful For

Here in New York, we’ve had one heck of a year, and after the recent hurricane and snowstorm that hit the Northeast, this Thanksgiving we’re feeling especially thankful in the RT office. Not just for friends and family, who we’re looking forward to spending the holidays with, but for the amazing books we read this year (many of which were nominated for RT Awards) and for several upcoming releases in 2013. Today, some of the RT editorial staff shares what book-related news we’re thankful for and what’s on our radar for the upcoming year:




“I am thankful that Juliana Gray's trilogy closer, A Duke Never Yields, is coming out in February. I've been looking forward to this novel since her first hilarious book, A Lady Never Lies and it’s sequel A Gentleman Never Tells.”

A Lady Never Lies was an office favorite this year, earning our August Seal of Excellence award, and has been nominated for the 2012 Best Book of the Year. 



Julie GarwoodJude DeverauxJennifer Crusie


RT’s web maven Morgan Doremus says, first and foremost, she is thankful for her chance to meet Julie Garwood, who will be attending the 2013 RT Booklovers Convention next May!

In addition to that, Morgan is thrilled about new news regarding another classic romance author, Jude Deveraux! It was recently announced that the author will be releasing her first book with Ballantine, titled True Love and set to release July 2013. The book will kick off Deveraux’s Nantucket Brides Trilogy, and although editor Linda Marrow couldn’t reveal much about the story, she did share the name of book two: Prince Charming. We predict lots of sweet, satisfying romance, with plenty of white dresses and beautiful weddings!

In addition to those two tidbits, Morgan is also anxious to see what happens with a book Jennifer Crusie has working on for years. The author wrote on her blog about her experience working on the novel and shared some first lines from different drafts of the story. We’re not sure when this book will be released, but one thing’s for certain, we can never have enough Crusie!



“Paul Cornell's book London Falling, the first in a new urban fantasy/SF series releasing from Tor in April 2013. Cornell is a particular favorite of mine — the Doctor Who episodes he wrote are among some of the all-time best, in my humble opinion. He's also an incredibly talented comics writer (pick up an issue of Vertigo's Saucer Country, if you want proof) and is a regular on the Hugo award-winning SF Squeecast, a podcast that has earned a permanent spot on my iPod shuffle. As if that weren't enough, he's also committed to gender parity at sci-fi conventions and conferences — he refuses to sit on any panel that doesn't have a 50/50 gender split. Cornell has recently revealed that London Falling is about an undercover police team who can suddenly see the supernatural. Giving a one-sentence summary on his blog, he cheekily described it as: 'Jack the Ripper is back, but this time he's killing rich white men.' I'm excited to see what exactly that means and grateful that Cornell is a part of the SF/F community.




Also on my bookish ‘thankful’ list this year is Karina Cooper's St. Croix Chronicles. It's no secret that I loved Tarnished, the first adventure of steampunk heroine Cherry St. Croix — I haven't stopped talking about it since it released in late June of this year. And now with book two, Gilded, set to drop at the end of December, I can close out my holiday season with my favorite bounty hunter/debutante as she explores the dangerous world of London's underground.”




“After the cliffhanger ending of The Prince, I am so ready for The Mistress by Tiffany Reisz. The author is still currently writing the book, so we probably won’t get it until the middle of 2013, but I am dying to know what happens to Nora. If you’re a fan of Reisz’s Original Sinners series and are also eagerly awaiting The Mistress, the author is currently auctioning off a slew of goodies, including the first chapter of The Mistress, to benefit Hurricane Sandy relief. The bid is already up to $850, so it looks like I’ll be waiting until next year to get my copy!”


What books are you thankful for this year? What are you looking forward to in 2013? Let us know in the comments, and if you're in the U.S., have a Happy Thanksgiving!