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With The Avengers movie cracking the $1 billion mark in just over two weeks, superheroes are "super hot" right now. And if Iron Man, the Hulk and Thor have you wishing for more musclebound heroics, we are here to help with some great adventure romance stories featuring cape-d, sometimes spandex-ed and mostly masked heroes and heroines who will have you dreaming of extraordinary feats …



Thief of Shadows

by Elizabeth Hoyt

Meet the Superhero: The Ghost of St. Giles

Why You Need To Know Him: He’s “Batman in Georgian England.”

Some Backstory: The Ghost has played an important part in Hoyt’s Maiden Lane series but now the man behind the mask gets his happily ever after … or does he? It’s a story about finding love right under your nose (and sometimes right under a mask) in this July release that was rated an RT Top Pick!

Want to learn more? Check out the interview with the author — and the special excerpt — in our July issue which hits stores next week.




Three fantastic authors contributed to this new erotic romance anthology, which was just released at the beginning of May by Samhain. (And because e-books are e-xtrodinary, you can pick up the complete anthology or buy each novella individually!)


“Super Lovin’”

by Vivi Andrews

Meet The Superhero: DynaGirl

Why You Need To Know Her: She’s “the Jessica Rabbit of crime fighters.”

Some Backstory: DynaGirl is looking forward to drowning her just-dumped sorrows in some good old fashioned crime fighting (and possibly taking out her anger on a stupid criminal). But when she catches Lucien Wroth, son of a supervillain, red-handed, she doesn’t expect him to be quite so red hot. The pair end up forming an awkward truce, but will it lead to a perfect union?


“Blade of Moonlight”

by Kimberly Dean

Meet The Superhero: Luminescence

Why You Need To Know Her: Mild-mannered court reporter Luna Masters turns into a moonlight-powered superhero by night.

Some Backstory: When a crime-fighting encounter without moonlight puts Luminescence in peril, the villainous Scythe decides to punish the superhero by making her submit to his will. It’s not long before his sexy domination leads them both to bliss. But will Luna be powerful enough to convince this dangerous man that they should explore their passion for the rest of their lives?


“Breaking Bad”

by Jodi Redford

Meet The Superheroes: Ruby Winston and Teague Younger, Light Guardians

Why You Need To Know Them: Everyone thinks that the Light Guardians are extinct, but two people are about to show the world that everyone is wrong ...

Some Backstory: Ruby Winston never quite fit in with her evil family, so when she learned that she’s not really a Winston, she decides to destroy her father’s empire built on a soda that controls minds. However, when Ruby is put in danger by the Shadow Czars, Earth’s evil rulers, Teague and reveal his own secret identity. But can they survive long enough to save the world — and make a future together?


Want to learn more about this anthology? The authors and their editor stopped by The Bookpusher for an interview. You can also click here to learn more about all three books in the collection.



After the Golden Age

by Carrie Vaughn

Meet The Superheroes: Captain Olympus, Spark, Dr. Mentis, Typhoon … and in the eyes of heroine Celia West, basically everyone else important in her life ...

Why You Need To Know Them: Celia West’s tale of learning to live without powers (but surrounded by them), is a fully fleshed story that will appeal to romance, science fiction, urban fantasy and mystery enthusiasts alike.

Some Backstory: Celia West is the daughter of superheroes Captain Olympus and Spark, but she has absolutely no powers of her own. As a teen Celia struggled to find her place in the world. Now in her twenties, she wrestles with what it means to have power, especially as she tries to repair her relationships with her parents and decide whether to date the Mayor’s son or the sexy, and oh-so-off-limits, Dr. Mentis. Looking for a must-read superhero story? Head straight for this April 2011 RT Top Pick!


Want to learn more? RT’s Morgan and Whitney Dished about this book right after it came out. See what they had to say here



This paranormal romance series introduced readers to the talented author Jennifer Estep back in 2007 and 2008. The series consisted of three full-length books and a novella that is now available online. All of the stories take place in Bigtime, NY, a city where superheroes duke it out against the forces of evil.


Karma Girl

Meet The Superheroes: Carmen Cole, reporter extraordinaire, and a cast of superheroes and villains ready to be unmasked

Why You Need To Know Her: Carmen is on a mission to keep anyone from being hurt by the secrets being kept by the supervillains … and heroes.

Some Backstory: Carmen moves to Bigtime, NY ready to unmask supervillains and heroes alike. (Discovering on your wedding day that your fiancé is a superhero and cheating on you with your best friend — who just happens to be his evil nemesis — leaves a gal feeling a bit vengeful.) But when Carmen is captured by the Terrible Trio, some of the most evil criminals of Bigtime, have her burned superhero bridges come back to haunt her … and is there any chance that she can have a happy ending with her new boyfriend (who unbeknownst to her is the superhero Striker)?


Hot Mama

Meet The Superheroes: Fiera and Johnny Angel

Why You Need To Know Her: Fiera can create and control fire, and this once-burned-by-love hottie has just decided she’s ready to start dating again.

Some Backstory: Fiona Fine, fashion designer by day, is superheroine Fiera by night. But when this sizzling heroine tries to juggle dating — there’s a sexy playboy named Johnny Bulluci and a mysterious new superhero Johnny Angel — with her crime fighting, something is going to have to give. Unfortunately, Fiera’s nemesis, the evil Intelligal, is ready to pounce on any sign of weakness and her latest fiendish plan involves hypnotizing all the citizens of Bigtime!



Meet The Superheroes: Bella Bulluci and Debonair

Why You Need To Know Her: Bella “Bad Luck Charm” Bulluci may just jinx you accidentally, but while she’s trying to stay out of trouble, she gets rescued (or is it kidnapped?) by Debonair “a teleporting art thief.”

Some Backstory: Bella is doing her best not to let her bad luck ruin the Bigtime Museum of Modern Art’s big night. But during the masquerade gala, not one but two art thieves hit the museum. When Debonair, one of the thieves that plagues Bigtime, whisks Bella to safety, she’s left wondering if it’s a kidnapping or a rescue mission — and if he can be trusted to help her safeguard the museum’s new prized sapphire ...


“A Karma Girl Christmas”

Meet The Superheroes: Carmen, aka Karma Girl

Why You Need To Know Her: Carmen has taken on a super identity and is now working as part of the Fearless Five superhero team.

Some Backstory: With all the drama behind her, Karma Girl (aka Carmen) is ready to guard the Christmas donations on their way to the needy families in Bigtime. Unfortunately, she’s not the only one watching this stash. Will her powers be enough to keep a Christmas Scrooge from ruining the holiday for everyone?


Want to learn more? The author answers a Q&A about the series that she calls “basically female-centered comic books without the art” on her website here.



“Night Shadow”

Nora Roberts

Meet The Superhero: Nemesis

Why You Need To Know Him: He’s a masked vigilante who has just fallen for the wrong dame.

Some Backstory: Nemesis patrols the dark, doing his best to keep the city safe. But when he rescues Deborah O’Roake, she touches a hidden part of him — his hope. However, Deborah is a prosecutor who hates those that break the rules and turn to vilantism. Could there be any hope for this seemingly star-crossed couple? (This story was originally published by Silhouette in 1991 and most recently it was re-published by Penguin Group’s new digital imprint, InterMix.)


Want to learn more? This short read was originally released as a Silhouette Intimate Moments series romance in 1991. You can check out the book’s original cover art (and see reader reviews) on the book's Goodreads page here.



This series focuses on different members of a squad of superheroes who find love while trying to save the world in the city of Megalopolis. Both the first and second book in this series were nominated for RT Reviewers’ Choice Awards at the time of their release. Originally published by Dorchester between 2008-2010, these three books are now available as Kindle e-books!


Phenomenal Girl 5

Meet The Superhero: Phenomenal Girl 5

Why You Need To Know Her: This young woman is on a mission to prove that she’s ready to become a full-fledged member of the Elite Hands of Justice, but her mentor Robert Eliot is not making it easy.

Some Backstory: Phenomenal Girl 5, aka Lainey, is torn between proving that she should be a real part of the EHJ team and exploring the romance that is budding with Robert Eliot. And if that weren’t enough to make a girl distracted, she’s just learned that the world may soon be ending!



Meet The Superhero: Mindy, aka TEKGRRL

Why You Need To Know Her: This non-magical heroine has been “enhanced” by alien science and is now the most intelligent person on Earth. But when she also develops telekinesis, it seems that all is not as it should be ...

Some Backstory: Human Mindy was gifted even before her parents sent her to live on another planet and aliens messed with her brain. But now she’s back and using the alias TEKGRRL, she’s fighting crime with EHJ. However, when a mini-makeover unleashes nightmares and devastating headaches, it appears that her past may be a key to the upcoming fight to save the world!


Sorceress, Interrupted

Meet The Superhero: Fantazia

Why You Need To Know Her: This heroine never dies, and although she’s been on the sidelines of past EHJ adventures, they are asking her to step up and help them out.

Some Backstory: Fantazia has preferred to stay out of people’s lives, erecting a barrier of icy disdain and wisecracks, so that she doesn’t feel the pain of losing loved ones over and over again. But when her father begs for her aid on the EJH’s newest mission, she can’t turn away … does this mean that the ice is melting and the ex-supervillain Cyrus has a chance at winning her heart? Everyone will have to say alive long enough to find out!


Want to learn more? Be sure to check out A.J. Menden’s Facebook Page where you can stay up to date on all the Elite Hands of Justice series news.



This series pits two MetaHumans factions, the Ranger Corps and the Banes, against each other. Fifteen years ago, during a devestating war, the Rangers’ powers disappeared abruptly and the Banes’ leader was locked up. But now things are changing once again ...



Meet The Superhero: Trance

Why You Need To Know Her: She’s one of the few Ranger Corps survivors.

Some Backstory: 15 years ago, the only surviving members of the Ranger Corps were children and teens. Now, these children are grown up and their powers are back and different than ever before — but will this mean that war will start again too? As Teresa “Trance” West tries to figure out who is responsible for their powers returning, an enemy is hot on her tracks and seeking revenge.



Meet The Superhero: Ember

Why You Need To Know Her: This superheroine can put out flames by internalizing the heat.

Some Backstory: Dhalia “Ember” Perkins is new amongst the Metas and is still mastering her superhuman abilities. But when Ember is caught up in a dangerous murder mystery, she discovers that while she knew she was not quite human she may also be not quite Meta … to find out you will have to pick up your own copy of the book when it comes out on June 26!


Want to learn more? Take a look at the author’s MetaWars Pinterest Board here!


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