RT's Web Team 2.0

Exciting changes are afoot here at RT headquarters, as we shake up the web team. RT’s Web Team 2.0, as we’ve dubbed ourselves, is comprised of an Elisa, an Elissa (yes, we know it’s confusing), and a DJ. Below we’ve introduced ourselves and have also listed what genres each of us will be in charge of, so publicists, authors, agents and more know where to direct their email. We also love feedback, suggestions and gossip, so feel free to contact us at any time. We look forward to hearing from you!

Elissa Petruzzi (left) and Elisa Verna (right) at the 30th Anniversary Ball at the 2013 RT Convention in Kansas City


Elisa Verna, Website Editor:

RT web readers may already know Elisa, as she's been part of RT's web team for two years now. She's also the voice of RT's main Twitter and Facebook accounts. While Elisa will read anything, she is a big fan of all kinds of speculative fiction (especially science fiction, UF, horror and steampunk) and erotica (but strangely, not SFF erotica). Her favorite thing about working for RT, aside from the wonderful books and authors, is planning her costumes for the RT Convention — you might have seen her clumsily maneuvering on roller skates at the 2013 RT Con in Kansas City.

PITCHES: Elisa fields the web-exclusive reviews for all genres and takes pitches for Erotica, Science Fiction/Fantasy and Urban Fantasy. She's also accepting pitches that aren't genre-specific, such as posts geared toward aspiring authors, industry pieces, news stories and more. You can reach her at webmaster@rtbookreviews.com.

Elissa Petruzzi, Website Editor:

Elissa has worked on the magazine side of RT Book Reviews since 2006, and she’s excited to dole out publishing news on an hourly basis, instead of a monthly one. (Elissa has always been an overachiever.) A great lover of young adult fiction, she is also a huge fan of contemporary and historical romances, as well as mysteries. After attending six RT conventions she’s got a lot of stories for you, should you ever corner her at a publishing event. For example, Elissa knows how Fabio smells.

PITCHES: Elissa will continue to handle YA pitches for the magazine. For the website, she’ll take any and all romance pitches in subgenres: Historical, Contemporary, Romantic Suspense, Series and Paranormal. Elissa is also handling Mysteries, be they romantic or no. You can reach her at elissa@rtbookreviews.com.

DJ DeSmyter, Assistant Website Editor:

"Is there kissing in it?" is a question DJ frequently asks people when they suggest books he should read, and unlike the kid in The Princess Bride, DJ loves anything with romance. So he was rather excited to join the RT Book Reviews web team as an intern, and is even more thrilled to now be the new Assistant Website Editor. DJ is a hardcore young adult fan and an advocate for diversity in YA literature. He's also a die-hard Twilight fan, but we won't hold that against him.

PITCHES: DJ is handling all YA and New Adult pitches for the website, as well as any LGBT fiction pitches. You can reach him at dj@rtbookreviews.com.

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