Samhain To Take Out Jumbotron Ad In Times Square

You can soon see Samhain Publishing at the crossroad of the world — and by that we mean, the independent publishing company’s ad will soon be playing in Times Square. Nearly half a million people pass through the area every twenty-four hours. (We’d say each day, but as you know, New York is the city that never sleeps and Times Square is no exception, it’s a hopping area at any hour.) So the company knows that that’s a lot of eyes that will see this announcement about their e-books and print books.

The ad will soon be on the CBS Jumbotron display at Times Square in New York City. It is scheduled to start mid-February and is set to feature several books that were recently published by Samhain’s romance and horror imprints.

The publisher, which launched in 2005, has never undertaken any sort of jumbotron advertising before but we promise to bring you a shot of the ad in all of its Times Square Glory when it does go up! For now, you can view the ad below:

See The Ad Here >>