Sated! Our Hunger Game Contest Winners

Turns out we're not the only ones hungry to find out what happens to Katniss and Co. as The Hunger Games trilogy draws to a close next month with the release of Suzanne Collins' Mockingjay. (No, we could not resist that pun.) Last week we gave you our predictions as to how the book would end, and asked for you to weigh in, or to tell us why you're so ravenous to try these books, here. (We can't stop.) Here are the winning entries, whose appetite will soon be sated with paperback copies of The Hunger Games  ( ... okay we're done).



shares our penchant for punning, titling her email entry FAMISHED, endearing her to us forever. Poor Denise only got to page 34 of her library's copy of The Hunger Games before driving 550 miles from New Jersey to North Carolina. She tell us the rest: 

Upon reaching North Carolina, the VERY FIRST THING I DID when I got to my new house was find a library. I had no central air or gas and neither came before my quest for the book. I was nearly driven mad during the few days it took me to get to my new residence without being able to read the story. I needed to find my local library, get my book and read read read!
Turns out the library put me on a waiting list. The book is so popular I am NUMBER 27 OF 27 people waiting for one of the four books to become available. Despondent doesn't do justice to the feelings I have as I wait ...

Never fear, Denise, we've got you covered!

Sue is clearly on Team Peeta, and even though we only have eyes for Gale, we're willing to give her prediction some play:

I think that Peeta and Katniss will go to the capital and stage a coup, take over and then get married and live happily ever after reuniting all of the districts.

And then there's Rebecca, who, it hurts us to type this, wants to kill Gale off!

I think, at the end, Gale will end up dying and Katniss will rekindle her 'feelings' for Peeta … she's got to … one way or another she will! They will overthrow the Capitol and cut their hold on the people of Panem, bringing new hope to everyone. There will probably be shocking revelations about what is really going on in District 13 too ...

Alivia points out something we know, too, when she says, "I know Suzanne will have a better ending in store." But she' still willing to take a stab (we're punning again, she kills off Peeta):

I predict a happy ending for the people of Panem, but not for the main characters. I think that once the Capitol has taken Peeta they will attempt to brainwash him. Perhaps we will learn that this is what has been done to all the Capitol inhabitants. However, I think that Peeta is strong enough to resist this, but for the safety of himself and Katniss, will go along with it. Then, somehow Katniss will come face-to-face with Peeta, and, thinking he is under control of the Capitol, will kill him. It will then be revealed that this has been President Snow's plan all along. Katniss is broken, realizing she was in love with Peeta. She comes up with a master plan to kill Snow and end the corrupt government's rule over Panem. So in the end a new government is in charge, one that has the well-being of the districts in mind, but Katniss will live the rest of her life in seclusion, not able to come back from all of the horror she has seen and done.

And then there's Barbara, who hasn't even started the series yet! Barbara knows that flattery gets her everywhere (with us, anyway) and says, "After reading your post, I'm now dying to get started, I'm totally intrigued by the hints of what's happened in the first books and what might happen next."

Thanks for playing along, everyone! Happy countdown!