Scholastic And Ruckus To Team Up For New Children's Imprint

YA readers have more books than ever available to them, but the novels that are slated to be released by the newly-created Scholastic Ruckus imprint will really stand out from the crowd. These books will be published in both traditional and e-book format and include special content such as interactive apps related to the stories, exclusive author interviews and more. To create this new line Scholastic is teaming up with Ruckus Media, a children's digital content developer. We were particularly intrigued to hear from Publishers Weekly about the ways that the new releases from Scholastic Ruckus will bring new dimensions to the reading experience. 

In an interview with PW Rick Richter, Ruckus Media co-founder, pointed out one of the best benefits of the new imprint is the way that its two companies are poised to work together. He said, “A lot of digital content is developed after the fact, but we will have much more digital-first content and we can use Scholastic to make sure we get maximum exposure and distribution for our titles.” Which means that readers will immediately have access to all of the extras that the imprint plans to attach to their releases.  

And it won't only be new titles coming out of the Scholastic Ruckus imprint; according to Richter the company will also be "aggressively acquiring rights to out-of-print backlist titles" for the new imprint. So we can expect both new and familiar stories to take on new digital lives, as Scholastic Ruckus creates opportunities for readers to interact with these titles via special content. Can't wait to get your hands on a Scholastic Ruckus book? The first titles to be released from this imprint are scheduled to hit stores in 2012.

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