Science Fiction & Fantasy Book Recommendations: June 2013

The beautiful thing about science fiction and fantasy is it’s ability to transport readers to different worlds and transform already existing places. This month, an assortment of new novels do either/or, and one tale does a little of both! Today we bring you some June's top-rated science fiction and fantasy novels, sorted by their various worlds, to help you find the perfect story.

If you enjoy reading about the reimagined version of an already existing city, try Will McIntosh's Love Minus Eighty, a sci fi tale set in a high tech futuristic New York City that follows the trials and tribulations of several different people searching for love. Or, if you're looking for a little more action, Jaime Quaid's Damn Him to Hell, set in a version of Baltimore that makes The Wire seem like a child's playground. "The Zone" is an odd area of the city that becomes even more weird after a suspicious chemical spill infects the neighborhood, and it's up to Tina, one of Saturn's daughters, to rescue her neighbors before the accident gets swept under the carpet.

Or maybe imaginary worlds are more your thing, in which case June brings three great fantasies. Francis Knight's follow-up to Fade to Black, Before the Fall, brings readers back to the fictional city of Mahala — a place dominated by light and dark, where hero Rojan must help restore order after riots break out following the destruction of the city's power source. There's also Stella Gemmell's The City — which takes place in a city simply called The City, which is dangerous both above and below ground — or Ken Scholes' epic fantasy adventure, Requiem, set in the mystical Named Lands, where citizens uncover a puzzle that leads them to discover places previously unknown.

Finally, if you want to be transported between both new and already existing locales, Alan Averill's genre-bending debut The Beautiful Land is a time travel story that propels the protagonists between our world and an alternatime timeline called the Beautiful Land — one that's filled with all sorts of curious creatures.

You can pick up all of these titles, available in stores this month. Looking for more great books? Make sure to visit RT's Everything Science Fiction & Fantasy Page