SCOOPED! Featuring Cabot, Castle and Teen Vampire Reads

Today’s Scooped! is a guest post from me, Whitney Sullivan. Here are some of the answers I “scooped” up for you, by doing research on the Internet and contacting publishers, authors and the RT editors. Get some suggestions for teen vampire reads, find out what Meg Cabot has been up to and when you can get your hands on the next Castle novel. And of course, keep your questions and comments coming!

Question: I have never read an urban fantasy novel that I liked. The plots all seem to be exactly the same. But, maybe I‘ve just picked the “bad apples” of the genre? – Peeved But Persistent

Hey Peeved, I have to admit that I am also not the biggest fan of the genre. Kudos for trying to get back up on the urban fantasy horse! But here are some suggestions for interesting urban fantasy reads: First up is the Evy Stone series by Kelly Meding. Meding's complex world is certainly a treat to visit and a trip you will remember. If you've spent time around the RT website, you may remember that Alaya Johnson’s Moonshine knocked my socks off. It’s not a traditional urban fantasy and don't be surprised if you fall in love with the heroine, Zephyr. My last suggestion is anything by Nalini Singh, who has made my TBR pile because RT Web Editor Morgan absolutely raves about her. But, new readers beware: this is a series best read in order, so try to get your hands on Slave To Sensation first.

Question: For a while Meg Cabot was all over with the Princess Diaries series and then the Size 12 and Size 14 books. But, now I don’t see her around and at all? – Julia

Julia, Meg Cabot actually released a paranormal novel in June called Insatiable, which was her take on the Dracula story. She also released a young adult novel, Runaway, in April. Now, I know that these heroines are no Mia Thermopolis, but after the princess penned a novel herself (last January’s Ransom My Heart), well, Mia is a hard act to follow up.

Question: Help! I’m dying to read some books about firefighters. – Too Hot to Handle

Hold your horses, or whatever the appropriate metaphor is for “Here I come with some info.” So first off, I hope you haven’t missed Bella Andre’s Men of Fire series, because whooee, those are some good looking fire fighters. And at the end of this month, Susan Andersen will bring you some more fire fighter action in Burning Up. We've got you covered with a message from Andersen and an excerpt of this small town sizzler. And although you will probably burn through this series title, you should definitely try to get your hands on The Firefighter’s Secret Baby by Anna DeStefano. Last but not least, Debbie Macomber's latest, 1022 Evergreen Place, will be out in September and features a fire fighter hero trying to re-ignite his relationship.

Question: I’m craving more teen vampire action. Where can I go to get my fix? – A.H.

Okay, I’m assuming that you’ve already devoured the Twilight books, L.J. Smith’s Vampire Diaries, The Vampire Academy series by Richelle Mead and all about Melissa de la Cruz’s blue bloods. But, maybe you haven’t had a chance to check out Claudia Grey’s Evernight books? The series takes some seriously dark turns and I can’t wait to see how Bianca is going to get herself out of her latest disaster. Also, I just can’t get enough of Alyxandra Harvey’s series, The Drake Chronicles. (I absolutely cannot wait to get my hands on the third installment, Out For Blood, which will be out in December.) Last but not least, I am a big fan of Tate Hallaway’s Vampire Princess series. The series kicks off with Almost To Die For, which you can read an excerpt of. Earlier this week, I caught up with Hallaway to chat about what fans can expect from the next Vampire Princess novel. Hallaway says, “I've been describing it as Glee meets Vampire Diaries.  I embraced my inner theatre geek for this book, as Ana finally gets to be in a play -- a musical, no less. And who should get hired to do the music? Only Ana's sometimes boyfriend, hottie rock star Nikolai Kirov! Meanwhile, in the vampire community, rumors fly that the talisman that can enslave vampires to witches has resurfaced...” I hope this list (and the upcoming teaser) satisfies your need for new teen vamps!

Question: I've been on a Castle marathon all summer and I need to know when the next book is coming out! - R.F.

RT Executive Editor Faygie Levy is also a big fan of Castle and pointed me in the right direction! The next Richard Castle mystery is Naked Heat. You will be able to find it in stores on September 28th. But until then you can take a look at chapters one through three, which are posted on the ABC site, here.

That's all for this week, guys. Remember, if you have questions about anything that's going on with your favorite authors and books, just shoot Morgan an email at and she will get you the inside scoop on the publishing world!