SCOOPED! Featuring NYC spots for book lovers, grammar resources and more!

For my weekly column Scooped!, I scour the Internet, contact authors and pick my fellow RT editors' brains to make sure no reader question goes unanswered. This week, I pick out some NYC stops for a book lover, share some great grammar resources, find out Whitney's favorite recent read and more. Still have questions? Send them to me here and you may be featured in an upcoming post.

Question: I'm visiting New York City for the first time. What are some book lover stops I should make while I'm there? - Extremely Excited

Morgan: The New York Public Library at 40th Street and Fifth Avenue is absolutely beautiful. Not only are the lions that sit out front an iconic New York sight, but the craftsmanship and detail inside the library itself is breathtaking. Whitney's tip? Don't forget to look up! However, this being said, there are actually no books to check out at this library (alas, it is only for show). The actual circulation library is one block south.

Also on my list for must visit lit spots in the city is Books of Wonder, an independent bookstore specializing in children's books - but don't let that fool you - there is something for everyone here, from rare and out of print editions to the newest books on the market. Finally, while you are in town, be sure to find out which authors will be sharing their work at the nearly-nightly readings at the Barnes and Noble at Union Square. 

Question: I'm currently writing a book for NaNoWriMo and I know that I shouldn't be overly concerned by spelling and grammar mistakes (at least not in the first draft), but typos are a pet peeve of mine and it seems like I spend more time online trying to figure out how to punctuate than I spend on actual writing. Can you help? - Julie

Morgan: When writing a book in a month, I agree that perhaps grammar and spelling issues should be put aside, however, if you really need a go-to resource for your grammar needs, then look no further than Mignon Fogarty's phenomenal Grammar Girl website, the one-stop-shop to typo free writing. This resource has easily digestible explanations for the whats and whys of proper grammar that will help you remember the rules. Plus, if you are more of an audio learner you can also listen to her grammar tips on her website or using iTunes. Another great grammar source is the hilarious site Grammar Blog. There you can also learn from others' mistakes. The site follows UK grammar rules, but the posts are informative and funny nonetheless.

Question: I've noticed that some weeks your On the Bookshelves column is really long, while other times it is super short. What's with the change in your list size? - Louisa

Morgan: We do our best to always highlight the books that we feel readers will enjoy the most, but we are also at the mercy of the publisher's release schedules. You see, most publishers release the majority of their books on the first and last Tuesday of each month. So expect to stock up on that first and last Tuesday to have reading material during the middle of the month. 

Question: Whitney, last week Morgan answered this question, but I wanted to know your answer also. What's the last book you read and loved? - Still Curious

Whitney: Still Curious, the last book I fell in love with was definitely Marcella Burnard's debut Enemy Within. For readers who love Battlestar Galactica, or Katherine Allred's Close Contact, this deep space tale will thrill. This futuristic paranormal romance is a rip-roaring adventure and I solidly stand behind the nomination that Enemy Within got for best futuristic Paranormal in the 2010 RT Reviewers' Choice Awards. And although the disorienting first few scenes may put some readers off, I found the sensation only added to the impression that this futuristic world is different from anything I've read before.

That's all for this week. Remember, if you have a question about anything that's going on with your favorite authors and books, send me an email at and I promise to give you the inside scoop on the publishing world! 

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