Score An Invite To Daire St. Denis' Party Of Three

In Daire St. Denis' new release, the author creates a Party of Three that you will want to attend! This sizzling story of love between friends will have you questioning what you thought you knew about threesomes. Today the author stops by to answer our questions about this compelling erotic read and share a look at where she's headed next!

What was your inspiration for Party of Three

I wish I could tell you it was inspired by an experience back in college … but alas ... Do you ever have two similarly strange things and/or conversations that happen in close succession that make you go, hmmm? When it happens to me, it often foreshadows the birth of a story. I was out with friends one night and one of them was giving me the low-down on the local swinger’s scene. I was like, "What? We have a local swinger’s scene?" The answer, apparently, is "oh hell, yes!" Anyway, shortly after, a different friend lent me a DVD, Louis Theroux's Weird Weekends, a BBC documentary series where Louis goes around investigating fringe sub-cultures, in this case swinger’s parties. Without going into all the misfired synapses in my brain, Party of Three morphed from there. And yes, a swinger’s party does make an appearance in the book.

Your story has three main characters: two women one man. Usually in the erotic romances, two men and one woman predominate the genre. What made you choose to write a relationship with two women and a man?

I’m really glad you asked this question because I’ve never understood the predominance of the two men and one woman scenario — not that I don’t find it sexy, because it can be hot — but it surprises me that two women isn’t more common. I’ve always thought women (in general) were more open to experimenting with each other sexually. Having wanted to read a scenario like this myself, but being unable to find very many, I felt compelled to write one. There must be others out there who find this situation appealing! 

Can you describe each character, Tina, Des and Josh, and explain what makes them compatible? 

Party of Three is told from Tina’s point of view because this is really her story and her journey. Tina is living with a secret and it’s killing her because it’s in her nature to be honest. She’s trusting and gives off an air of innocence that attracts others. Tina is the kind of person who is unaware of her own allure, which only adds to her appeal. Des, on the other hand, is worldly and strong. She’s Tina’s counterbalance. Athletic and independent, Des knows what she wants and goes for it. Josh is sweet and funny and sensitive and totally ripped. He’s like … my dream guy. Josh is the glue, the constant, the rock, and any other solid metaphor you can think of, that holds the relationship together.

Tina, Des and Josh each come to the relationship with their own fears and strengths. Can you share a secret that each are keeping? 

Everyone has secrets and I love working with the internal conflict secrets create. So of course secrets play a key role in Party of Three. Tina’s biggest secret is that she had a very short affair with Des’s former boyfriend — an army boy who died overseas. Tina has never forgiven herself and has never told Des about the incident. Des’s biggest secret is that she’s been harboring a secret crush on her best friend (Tina, of course!) for years. She has a few other secrets too, but I’ll leave that for readers to find out. Josh is pretty much an open book, and thus in stark contrast to the villain, Kenton. 

The drama of embarking on a new relationship isn't the only thing that is making Tina's life challenging. Can you discuss talk a bit about the darker aspects of the story? 

Yes. Tina finds the transition into a threesome relationship much more challenging than the other two. She struggles with figuring out where the line is between what is normal and what is not and whether she’s crossed the line with Des and Josh. Kenton is the character that represents the line between healthy sexual exploration and something much darker. Without conscience, he chooses to exert his power by using sex as a weapon. Like Josh and Des, he’s drawn to Tina’s innocence. His twisted ardor is fueled by her immunity to him. Whereas Des and Josh feel a need to protect her, Kenton wants only to defile her.

The reviewer makes a special note to say that you explore the "softer side of erotica" by focusing on not only the sexy times between the characters but also the sweet romance in the relationship. What is a sweet moment between your characters that stands out for you?

I always remember the part in the movie Pretty Woman where Julia Roberts refuses to kiss clients because it’s too personal. Halfway through Party of Three, there’s a scene between Des and Tina where, even though they’ve engaged in heavy-duty threesome action on more than one occasion, they share their first kiss. The scene has Tina finding Des on a rooftop patio, and for the first time, it’s Des who’s vulnerable and Tina who takes care of her and talks her down from her emotional ledge. As far as kisses go, it’s chaste, but it’s important because it’s their way of acknowledging their relationship has risen above friendship and transcended casual threesome sex. Right after this scene, they go find Josh and, well, things do not remain chaste for long.

We are eagerly awaiting your next work. Can you give us a sneak preview of what project you are currently working on?

So many projects, so little time! I’m currently working on an erotic series called Savage Shorts. The first one is already available on Amazon (How to Break a Cowboy). The stories all revolve around Tessa Savage, a woman with no fixed address. Tessa travels the world for business…and in search of pleasure. From the Rocky Mountains to the Greek Islands, there’s no place Tessa won’t explore and very few sexual positions she won’t try. At the end of the day, Tessa believes that love is love, no matter who you are, where you live and what your tastes are. Even though the stories are all about Tessa, they each have their own unconventional HEA.

In addition, I’m working on a sensual contemporary romance. Indecent Contract is a Mr. Darcy meets Indecent Proposal with a little Pretty Woman thrown into the mix. (Yes, that is the second time I’ve mentioned that movie in one interview. What is up with that?)

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