Score! Six Sports Romances Readers Can Root For

Hey there, sports fan! While we mostly appreciate sports because we can drink beer while watching them, and also those tight pants the athletes often wear — we mean, is that spandex? — there’s a growing subgenre of sports romances that are hitting it big (scoring big? winning … matches? Like we said, we’re mainly in it for the beer and pants.).

If you’re already a fan or want to try these romances out, you’re in luck, because this week, six steamy sports romances are being published by Carina. Each of the books features a different sport, so the authors have stopped by today to tell us why their sport is best! (Also we made them include pictures of hot athletes. Because we care.)


Kat Latham (Playing It Close) - In a sport where players have thighs like redwoods, tackle each other with the force of high-speed car crashes, yet are almost always respectful to referees, it’s no wonder rugby is often called “a sport for thugs, played by gentlemen.” Not only are they strong, devoted and passionate, but they also have a sense of honor and fair play — and that makes them perfect romance heroes!  

Rugby player Jonny Wilkinson

English rugby player Jonny Wilkinson

Image © Lena via Wikimedia Commons


Rebecca Crowley (Love in Straight Sets) - No other sport produces tempestuous yet thrilling players quite like the intense world of women's tennis, and in Love in Straight Sets a pro-athlete heroine takes center court. From grass to clay, tennis is all about formality and precision, so it offers the perfect backdrop for a hotheaded heroine to lose her cool — and her heart.

Tennis superstar Serena WIlliams

The forever awesome Serena Williams

Image © Edwin Martinez via Wikimedia Commons

Rhonda Shaw (The Ace) -
Not only is baseball America’s favorite pastime, but it also contains the necessary ingredients for the perfect story — athletic heroes, on-the-field drama and plenty of tension. Start with a team of tall, strong, muscular men, throw in a little heat, passion and intensity, add a dash of drama off the field, mix in a happy ever after and you’ve got an irresistible romance.

A baseball pitcher winding up


Kate Willoughby (On The Surface) - I love the sport of hockey — the refined skill and teamwork it requires, the breakneck pace, the thrill of a goal and, of course, the sexy players. Attributes like generosity, humility, protectiveness and the willingness to fight when necessary make them perfect romance heroes.

Martin Brodeur's sexy scowl

Image ©Sportskido8 via Wikimedia Commons


Michele Mannon (Tap Out) - Heel Hook. Omaplata. Double-Leg Takedown. I think I fell in love with these MMA fighting terms first, before I realized how jaw-dropping the fastest growing sport really was. These men, like Dan Cramer (pictured), are the ultimate in heroes, a combination of hotness, talent, raw power — mixed with a heavy dash of sexy.

Dan Cramer needs no caption

Dan Cramer needs no caption

Image © Bellator MMA, with permission


Allison Parr (Imaginary Lines) - There’s nothing like football: from the camaraderie of the team to the strategy involved, it's all about modern-day warriors. But once these men leave their arena of choice and start playing an entirely different sport the games really heat up, especially when they're matched against the women who love them.

THe New York Giants

Fun fact: The NY Giants are George R.R. Martin's favorite football team

Image © Mike Morbeck via Wikipedia Commons

Have we made you into sports addicts? Want to try out one of these reads? They’re all on sale today, as part of Carina Sports Week! For more love stories, on and off the court, visit our Everything Romance page.