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A Second Chance To Win The Dark Days of Supernatural Giveaway!

Last week we gave you the first chance to try your luck at winning our Dark Days of Supernatural Giveaway, a tote bag that comes filled with the latest novels from Aprilynne Pike and Ellen Schreiber, Kim Harrison and tales of supernatural romance and adventure from four new voices: Veronica RothAmy PlumJosephine Angelini and Tara Hudson.


Let's pause for a second to get a look at those covers. That's a very pretty line-up, right? I've got a bad news/good news situation for you today. Bad news: Like the Hope Diamond, there could be only one winner of our first giveaway. So if you aren't Tricia Schneider, you are starting this week empty-handed, sorry! But, good news: Starting today you will have a second chance to win your own Dark Days of Supernatural tote bag full of new and upcoming releases.

Last week fans shared why they love paranormal YAs for a chance to win and here are some of my favorite responses:

"I love supernatural tales because of the exotic and mysterious nature of the stories.  It makes each story unique and taps into each reader's dreams so we can take a break from all our daily stresses." Jojo1 told us.

R.A. Gates said, "I love the fact I can suspend reality and totally believe in magic and vampires and dragons and prophecies. Anything can happen, and usually does, in supernatural fiction. I also like the fact I can get behind a hero or heroine that posses the strong qualities or powers I want to posses in my everyday life."

And for me, Rocket really hit the nail on the head with her comment, "I like supernatural tales because not one supernatural being is the same. In some books the vampire sparkles when they're in the sunlight, and in other books you need a ring to be able to walk out in daylight. The point is that authors change it up and reading it can be really fun. It's cool seeing how a different author changes the same supernatural being."

Now I adore paranormal YAs because these adventures are packed full of such unique ideas. I'd never think, "half-water sprite falls in love with fallen angel who must to eat souls to redeem himself." Okay, so that's totally a mash-up of elements from three books I've read recently but, let me tell you, that's not ever something I'd come up with on my own!

But why I love these tales isn't the point. I know that you guys are eager to find out how you can win your own Dark Days of Supernatural prize pack. For your chance to win this week's prize, tell me what paranormal creature you'd love to be (or what power you'd love to have).

To get the wheels turning, here's what I am thinking: I'd love telekinesis, but I know that if I had the power I'd probabbly just sit on my butt all day telekinesis-ing things to me. (What can I say? I'm a very lazy gal at heart.) So in order to keep myself fit, I'm opting to be able to see in the dark with bat-like sonar — no, let's call it dolphin-like sonar. It's a basic skill but one I think would be pretty helpful and doesn't have a lot of pitfalls. So officially, I'm choosing that I'd have a were-dolphin great grandparent somewhere in my ancestry!

Tell me what paranormal creature you'd want to be/ability would you'd want to have to be entered in this week's round of the Dark Days of Supernatural Giveaway. (Or you can email your comment here with the subject line "Dark Days of Supernatural Giveaway Round 2") The winner will be announced on May 16 when we will also tell you how to enter next week's paranormal YA giveaway!