September 2012: Which Self-Published Story Is Right For You? Take The Quiz!

There are a lot of hidden gems out there in the self-publishing world, and we’re determined to bring the extra-shiny ones to your attention. Each month in the RT magazine we review authors and titles in our “Self-Pub Hub” column and in our review sections. This month we’re seeing great choices across the board in genres such as mystery, erotica and mainstream … but which to choose?! Have no fear — we’ve concocted a handy-dandy quiz that should help you strike gold and find the book of your dreams.


1. You’d love it if your BFF were more into …

A) Reading books

B) Playing with her kids

C) Designing clothing

D) Spying, sleuthing and otherwise knowing what everyone is up to

E) Helping those in need


2. Your ideal man is …

A) Captain Jack Sparrow

B) Edward Scissorhands

C) Special Agent Seeley Booth

D) The Beast from Beauty and the Beast

E) ER’s Dr. Doug Ross (aka George Clooney)


3. What scent would you spray on before a first date?

A) Something light, floral and romantic

B) Apple pie, vanilla and clean cotton — the scents of home

C) A classic, luxe perfume

D) Musky and mysterious

E) A clean citrus scent


4. What is your ideal week-long vacation?

A) An all-inclusive cruise

B) A New England bed and breakfast getaway

C) Renting an Italian villa

D) Heading down to Disney World

E) Packing light and saving the planet, you’ll be volun-touring!


5. If your perfect romance was a food or beverage, what would it be?

A) Refined, like a glass of white wine

B) Sweet like tea with honey

C) Layered like a lasagna

D) Filled with options like a tray of passed appetizers

E) Sizzling like a burger on a grill



If You Chose Mostly A’s … It seems that you’re in the mood for romance … a Regency romance! So we suggest you try With His Lady's Assistance by Cheryl Bolen. Join the dashing Captain Jack Dryden and the bookish Lady Daphne Chalmers as they attempt to apprehend the Prince’s would-be assassin. But Captain Dryden’s focus quickly turns from intrigue to interest, romantic interest, when he notices the woman formerly-known-as-a-wallflower. RT reviewer Susan loves this “delightful” and “enchanting” romance and we’re sure you will, too!!




If You Chose Mostly B’s … Missed connections are what you’re after, and The Edger by Baron and Goldman has an unlikely reunion that spins into a tale of humor, murder and mayhem that’s sure to please. The last place Alexandra Newborn expected to see her former art professor — the one she’d crushed on — mowing her lawn. But now the down-and-not-yet-out Nick Anselmo is back in her life just when it’s about to fall to pieces — can they help each other through the wreckage? RT reviewer Donna calls this novel “superb”!




If You Chose Mostly C’s … A serving of suspense seems to calling your name. Thankfully,  Dana Delamar’s second book in her Blood and Honor series, Retribution, provides. It introduces a heroine who has been born into the mob — and the hero who’d like to get her out. Interpol Agent Nick Clarkston is no stranger to vendettas; he’s pursuing one of his own when he infiltrates the Andretti family. But he’s sidetracked by the beautiful Delfina, daughter to the head of this mob family. She yearns for a different way of life, and he just might be the man to provide it ... if they can make it out of the mob alive. With “a fast pace, credible characters and a complex plot,” RT reviewer Keitha enjoyed this read which is a guaranteed stunner.




If You Chose Mostly D’s … Then you’ve been dying to take a walk on the wild side, and  J.C. DanielsBlade Song, an urban fantasy, may be just what you need. Half-human, half-Amazon — all P.I. That’s heroine Kit Colbana. To solve the case of a missing teen, she’ll need to work with the sexy Damon. Set in an alternate Orlando, you won’t find any Mickeys and Minnies in this world, just vamps and shapeshifters. RT’s Jill praised this novel for its “high-octane thrills and intense drama.”




If You Chose Mostly E’s … Then Melt With You by Karen Erickson may make you melt! This sizzling erotic romance is full of witty romance as two medical professionals fall for each other. Delivery nurse Lanie isn’t sure that she can trust paramedic Wes with her heart, but somewhere between their physical connection, a true romance starts to blossom. RT reviewer Eve calls this tale both “funny and sweet.” This tale is a sure-fire combination that may have you proclaiming, “If the ambulance is rocking, don’t come a’knocking!”



Let us know your quiz results in the comments! You can find all these books and more available online now. And for other digital reads, be sure to check out RT's Everything E-Books Page.