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September Inspirational Overview

Sometimes it’s hard to let go of the past, no matter how dark or lovely, but sometimes a simple change in scenery can help people move on and walk toward a brighter future. In this month’s inspirational recommendations, we’re highlighting five endearing stories about moving on, both literally and figuratively. Take a look!


In The Prayer Box by Lisa Wingate, Tandi Reese finally escapes an abusive relationship and leaves Texas with her two children to start over in the Outer Banks. When her Iola, her new landlady, dies, Tandi is in charge of cleaning out the house and finds a box of letters Iola wrote to God over the past 80 years. As she reads the letters, Tandi comes to learn more about herself and where she wants her life to go next.

John Hershberger travels to Apple Creek seeking answers about who he is and where he comes from in The Road Home by Patrick E. Craig. When John meets Jenny Springer, a woman who wants answers about her own heritage as well, the two of them find themselves falling in love and learning that God always has a bigger plan in mind.

Meanwhile, in Prairie Song by Mona Hodgson, Anna and her family face the loss of Anna’s brother and mother in the aftermath of the Civil War. Anna’s grandfather blames God, and she hopes moving to California will help ease the pain. When her family meets Caleb Reger, a man with a secret Quaker past, they might finally be on the path to a new start.

And in Love Still Stands, Kelly Irvin weaves a heartfelt story about Bethel Garber and her move to New Hope, Missouri to start an Amish community there. Before the move, however, Bethel is in an accident that leaves her with a serious injury. But when she meets Shawn McCormack, a disabled veteran, at the physical therapy clinic, Bethel has to figure out what God has in mind for her future.

Last, but not least, in A Plain Disappearance, Chloe Humphrey is finally settling into her new surroundings of Appleseed Creek with her new ex-Amish boyfriend, Timothy, in this third installment of Amanda Flower’s Appleseed Creek series. When the body of an Amish girl is found, Chloe and Timothy must race against time to track down the suspect before it’s too late.


Want to be swept away by these heartfelt stories of new locations and new starts? Then be sure to purchase these books at your favorite store or online! And for more inspirational recommendations, check out our Everything Inspirational Page!