Series Romance Fans Unite

This morning we started the day singing the praises of all that is excellent in the world of series romance. These short format stories capture our imagination (and are quick reads, perfect for fitting into our already-busy lives) and today we got to hang out with some of the readers that supply us with these fantastic tales. At the “Celebrate the Passion and Power of Series Romance” reader event, we met authors from several of Harlequin’s series romance lines. These popular writers included Zuri Day, Caitlin Crews, Lynn Raye Harris, Jade Lee (aka Kathy Lyons), Kimberly Lang, Lisa Renee Jones and Maisey Yates.

Before the event started each of them introduced themselves and gave readers a bit of an insider's look at their new covers.

Zuri Day revealed that it is actually actor Christian Keyes who is on the cover of her new book, Diamond Dreams.

Maisey Yates said that she was inspired by her own life, she married her boss and in her latest release, The Petrov Proposal, the heroine does the same thing! However she said, "My husband is not Russian or a billionaire and he doesn't have baggage that needs to be checked."

Lisa Renee Jones gave us a sneak peek at a her new series that will kick off (literally) later this year, the books will feature a dance competition where all of the contestants live in one house "because we all know that's where all the good stuff happens."

And the audience voted the best book title for of the author's in attendance is Mira Lynn Kelly's The S Before Ex.

With so many series romance fans in the room, we took a moment to chat with a few of them to find out “which series imprint would you like to live in?” The answers were across the board! Some readers wanted to take part in a Nocturne, part of Harlequin’s paranormal line, while others wished for the passion of a romance fitting a book from the Blaze imprint. Other readers still preferred the handsome contemporary alpha heroes that are a signature mark of a of Harlequin Presents story.

Check out some of their clever answers about why they’d want such as story:

Reader Shel didn't waste a moment picking her imprint of choice,"Nocturne, I love the vampires!" And reader, Felicia, said it was Nocturne all the way for her, too, "Anything with a shifter in it and I'm good."

Several readers also loved the Blaze line Amber told us because, "it's a little spicy but not too spicy." While Sharyn said that she'd opt to live in a Blaze because "the men are hot!"

And we spotted author Molly Harper wearing her reader cap and she said that she's love to live in a Presents story, "there are lonely billionaires out there and I am willing to keep them company!"

And it wasn’t just readers that got into the fun! Some of the series romance authors in attendance answered as well:

Zuri Day said that she was a natural fit for a Blaze book, "I'm a little fiery. I love romance, steamy situations and passion!"

Author Caitlin Crews wants to live in a Presents novel. "Where else can you be assured of luxury and alpha males at every turn?"

Jade Lee wasted no time picking the Blaze line, "They have hot sex with hot guys, it's not about the hearth and home, it's wild and passionate!"

Maisey Yates said, "Presents, of course, where else could I be a man's virgin secretary, be taken on a private jet? There's seduction, glamour and where else can I meet a sheik?"

Lynn Raye Harris said, "The Presents line is my favorite! The heroes are intense, fascinating and wealthy and the heroines may seem at a disadvantage but they are not because they are the only ones who can tame their men."

Andrea Laurence told us, "Desire, of course, I'd love to live a passionate, provocative life."

Cat Shield said that for her it was all about the Desire line, too. "The heroes are wealthy, would fly me to exotic locations in their private jets and there's something about fixing those damaged heroes ..." (And we couldn't agree more!)

What about you, which series romance line would you like your happily ever after to be part of? Let us know in the comments below! You can learn more about new series romances on the RT Everything Romance Page and check back later today for more coverage of the 2012 RT Booklovers Convention!