Series Saturday: Harlequin Goes To Hollywood!

This month Harlequin heads to Hollywood to treat readers to four stories that sizzle. If you enjoy reading about star-crossed lovers who are actually stars, acting gigs that turn into real life love stories and tales of celebrity crushes that become boyfriends, then we suggest you check out these new books. And if you do so with a bag of popcorn by your side, well you won’t be the only one enjoying the mix of movies, television and reading in June’s series romances!

Janice Maynard’s actress heroine will find it Impossible to Resist the feelings that blossom between her and Dr. Jacob Wolfe. Yes, Ariel hired the sexy doctor to pretend to be her boyfriend so that her movie crew wouldn’t know that she’s seriously ill. But, they say you can’t buy love, so what sizzles between this pair must be real — however, will it be enough to last a lifetime? RT Reviewer Pat says of this RT Top Pick!-rated read, “Maynard’s return to the Wolfe family opens another window into the heart of what it means to be family, and she once again nails it perfectly.”

Charlene Wilkins is just a girl with a dream of becoming a star when she meets famed TV actor Travis Falcon. But pretty soon she is Plain Jane in the Spotlight, because Travis has hired her to be his pretend girlfriend. Yet will this faux-star be able to handle it when her feelings for Travis get real? To find out you’ll have to read this new release, the third installment of Lucy Gordon’s series The Falcon Dynasty.

Author Kimberly Lang takes on the Redemption of a Hollywood Starlet, when she throws actress Caitlyn Reese back into the path of film producer Finn Marshall. Three years ago, this Hollywood duo made headlines, but Finn didn’t realize that the feelings he had didn’t die along with the relationship. Now that this couple is working together again, will they decide to embark on a relationship and could there be a happy ending in store for “Caitlyn and Finn: The Sequel”?

Actresses aren’t the only one in Cupid’s crosshairs this month. Reality TV producer Maggie Sullivan falls for cowboy Griffith McAllister, but he’s supposed to be the starring bachelor on her dating show. (And although Maggie isn’t stylish — or one of the contestants — she’s the woman who has caught Griff’s eye.) So what’s a girl to do when love and work collide in author Julie Benson’s new novel? Bet on a Cowboy, of course!

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