Series Saturday: July 2012 Harlequin Historical Romances

It’s all about weddings in July’s Harlequin Historical releases, from impromptu ceremonies to traditional "I dos." If you are eager to meet brides and grooms from different time periods, then this publisher certainly has a story for you.

First up, readers can travel to the American West with Carol Arens' Renegade Most Wanted to attend the nuptials of the desperate Emma Parker. She has vowed to wed anyone (and we mean anyone) who will help her keep her home. The first viable candidate doesn’t so much meet Emma, as much as he runs into her — literally — while he flees after robbing a bank. But Matthew “Singing Trigger” Suede is not a criminal. (Well, he is but in a very Robin Hood way, taking care of the poor at the expense of the rich.) For the price of an alibi he willingly marries Emma, but neither realize just how binding this temporary tie will be.

Next, historical fans can "book" a trip to the Scottish highlands for not one, but two marriages with rocky starts. The Laird’s Forbidden Lady by Ann Lethbridge introduces Ian Gilvry, Laird of Dunross who weds the English Lady Selina. However as readers know, "I now pronounce you man and wife" doesn't necessarily mean "you'll live happily ever after." Sparks fly between Ian and Selina as they try to reconcile their past with their future. Meanwhile, Michelle Willingham’s Tempted by the Highland Warrior also pairs up two unlikely partners — prisoner Callum MacKinoch has just been released from jail when Lady Marguerite de Montpierre finds him. She is looking for a way out of a planned arranged marriage. But will this tortured man be her salvation and vice versa?

If glitzy ballrooms and societal intrigue are more your speed, then perhaps you would like to check in on Lady Jayne Chilicott, the heroine of Annie BurrowsAn Escapade and an Engagement. Under strict orders to marry — and marry soon — Jayne is trolling the ton for a suitable husband. Nobody catches her eye until she spies Richard, Lord Ledbury freshly back from the war. But is this soldier ready to settle down?

And get ready for a second solider hero in London in Lyn Stone's The Captain and the Wallflower. To inherit his estate, Captain Caine Morleigh must wed, but he's on a very unusual hunt. Caine wants to marry a plain woman because he assumes a wallflower will be much more biddable than a diamond of the first water. He is not expecting his new unassuming wife, Lady Grace Renfair, to blossom once she is no longer under the thumb of her hateful uncle. When this supposed “plain Jane” turns into a stunning beauty and Caine knows he is in very big trouble.

The final Harlequin Historical released this month, His Makeshift Wife by Anne Ashley, also takes place during a busy Season in London. Briony Winters is none too pleased that her godmother has paired her with the rakish Luke Kingsley. However, with his promise to behave, Briony reluctantly agrees to wed Luke. But when this rakehell turns out to be hiding some very important secrets, perhaps it is Briony who will not be able to keep her hands to herself ...

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