Series Saturday: June 2012 Harlequin Historical Romances

If you love romances set in the past, this month's Harlequin Historicals offer you a bevy of intriguing destinations.

One look at the cover of Jeannie Lin's My Fair Concubine and you know that this story will take you beyond Regency England. The book is set in ancient China and will definitely appeal to fans of My Fair Lady since the hero of this tale attempts to transform a teahouse servant into a suitable bride for a rival leader.

This month RT readers can also find out why the Wild West-set Weddings Under a Western Skythe new anthology from Lisa Plumley, Elizabeth Lane and Kate Welsh was rated 4 stars. You can also get a taste of two Regency era romances, Deb Marlowe's Unbuttoning Miss Hardwick, an unusual Cinderella story and Marriage of Mercy by Carla Kelly which focuses on the Americans fighting in the War of 1812. Readers can find the full reviews of these four books in the June issue of RT BOOK REVIEWS magazine.

This month Harlequin has also released Chained to the Barbarian. Carol Townend's story of a proud captured knight and the lady-in-waiting who comes to his rescue. This third installment in the Palace Brides series takes readers to Constantinople.

And for readers who are seeking a more traditional tale of love in the past (and one that comes with a very pretty cover!) we suggest you head to the final new release The Duchess Hunt by Elizabeth Beacon. Find out if hero Jack, Duke of Dettingham, succeeds in his "hunt" to win Miss Jessica's hand in marriage. 

Want to learn more about these new historical romances? Click here to read excerpts and purchase these stories at a great price directly from the publisher. And for all the latest news about series romance, check out our Everything Romance Page!