Series Saturday: So You Want To Try A Series Romance ...

You’re a contemporary romance reader and you think you are ready to try reading a series romance. Maybe you are thinking that they are just the right length to fit into your busy schedule. Or maybe you’re craving a read that will restore your faith in your fellow man. But where do you start? With so many lines and so many books coming out each month — how do you know which book is best for your first steps into the wild world of series?

Don’t worry my friend, I’ve got your back. There’s no need to move hesitantly, instead head to the section of your local bookstore (or the Harlequin website) that proudly says Harlequin American Romance. This line is all about stories that center on family and always come complete with a cast of wacky and wild secondary characters. There are sassy grandmothers, nosey aunts, know-it-all neighbors and of course, a romance that is heartwarming (sometimes even sizzling) to take center stage. The books transport you to places that you certainly want to visit time and time again.

Now, I feel like I have to be honest about something, you may not remember this, but a long, long time ago — okay, back in 2007 - 2008 — I was RT’s Harlequin American Romance reviewer. And although I no longer review the line, I still stop by from time to time to check out what’s going on with some of my favorite authors, such as Ann Roth, Lisa Childs and Kara Lennox.

I can hear you saying from all the way across the Internetz, “Well, I’ll keep my eyes open for titles by those authors but really, which new release should I read right now?” And don’t you worry; I’ve selected three Harlequin American Romances for your newbie series romance (or new to the HAR-line) reading pleasure:

June’s Rodeo Daughter by Leigh Duncan is an RT Top Pick! This story takes a look at custody battles and will be perfect for contemporary romance readers who enjoy the works of Robyn Carr and Catherine Anderson. Hero Mitchell Goodwin is happy to strike up a relationship with family attorney Amanda Markette, a woman who used to have a crush on him. But when Mitch discovers that Amanda will be representing his ex-wife in a custody battle for their daughter, it seems like this romance may be headed straight to Un-Happily Ever After, population: three.

If you love the love-affirming tales Jodi Thomas and Susan Mallery, then I suggest that you pick up A Baby on the Ranch, a July 2012 Harlequin American Romance RT Top Pick! This novel by Marie Ferrarella takes on the tale of a true cowboy hero. When Eli Whitney learns that the husband of his longtime love, the lovely Kasey Stonestreet, has abandoned the woman at the hospital with her newborn baby, he rushes to the rescue and brings the pair home to his ranch. Eli and Kasey and baby make a happy family, but when Kasey’s husband comes back into the picture, will she leave Eli?

You like your heroines more sassy and sweet? Don’t worry, the Harlequin American Romance line has you covered! Check out Aidan: Loyal Cowboy by Cathy McDavid for a story that comes complete with witty banter a la a Rachel Gibson or a Shannon Stacey. Aiden “Ace” Heart has his hands full with his family ranch and his veterinary practice, but when a night of passion with Flynn McKinney results in a baby on the way, can this busy man prove that nothing is more important to him than Flynn and their child?

You can check out all the Harlequin American Romances on sale here. And for more what-to-read suggestions, be sure to visit RT’s Everything Romance Page.