Series Saturday: Unusual Occupations

You can find whatever you're looking for in the world of series romance. Want a story that's short and sweet? Head to a Harlequin American. On the hunt for a hero with paranormal prowess? Nocturne's new releases are sure to please. Serious about seeking a sheik? It's Harlequin Presents or bust. But what do you do when you are in the mood for a story that seems like it could happen to you, but with some extra spice thrown in? That is definitely a Blaze moment! And you're in luck because this month there are not one, but three fantastic tales heroines who are average, in all ways but two: first, they have a fantastically unusual day jobs and second … they are about to find themselves in an extra steamy love story! Read on to see which women with interesting occupations are headed toward Happily Ever After ...


Meet The Heroine: Rachel Howe

How She Spends Her Day: She’s a goat farmer

Where You'll Find Her: In The Mighty Quinns: Dermont by Kate Hoffmann 

Who May Love Her: Dermot Quinn, her new helper on the farm, can’t help but notice his boss’ beautiful spirit. But he never expected to find romance on a journey that was supposed to be all about self-discovery!

Why You’ll Love Her HEA: Reviewer Kim says, “This truly delightful tale packs in the heat and a lot of heart at the same time.” 


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Meet The Heroine: Jamie Daniels

How She Spends Her Day: She’s a travel blogger

Where You’ll Find Her: In Barefoot Blue Jean Night by Debbi Rawlins

Who May Love Her: Cole McAllister is going along with his sister’s crazy plan to turn their ranch into a single-ladies getaway, but he’ll have to convince this blogger that the destination is worth it -and, boy, is he giving her all his effort!

Why You’ll Love Her HEA: Full of “tender romance” and “cowboy shenanigans,” this book had RT’s Kim eager to read the next in this new series, Made in Montana.


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Meet The Heroine: Melissa Weber

How She Spends Her Day: She’s an HR Professional and a yogi

Where You’ll Find Her: In Light Me Up by Isabel Sharpe

Who May Love Her: Jack Shea took photos from Melissa from a distance, but it’s when he gets to know her up close that a true transformation takes place when the woman becomes Jack’s muse!

Why You’ll Love Her HEA: RT reviewer Kim says, “Two books in, this series is really delivering with ample sensuality and characters who discover themselves, inside and out.”

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If you could work any out-of-the-ordinary job, what would you do? Tell us in the comments below, and check out more series coverage on RT's Everything Romance Page.