Series Saturday: Widows And Widowers

These widows and widowers have loved and lost, but this month they’re ready to put their hearts on the line again — for someone very special. Today we’re taking a look at the new series romances that explore several lucky characters’ second chances at love. We couldn’t resist these stories that tugged on our heartstrings and we bet that you won’t be able to, either!



Within Reach by Sarah Mayberry

Widower: Michael Robinson

Heart-String Tugger: Michael lost his first wife, Billie, to an undiagnosed congenital heart defect. Now he’s left to raise his children without their mother.

His Second Chance: Angela Bartlett was Billie’s best friend, and now she’s on hand to help Michael and his kids recover from their loss. Michael never thought he’d feel anything but numb after losing his wife, but Angela just may be the one to mend his broken heart. 


Honorable Rancher by Barbara White Daille

Widow: Dana Wright

Heart-String Tugger: Dana’s husband may have died a hero, but only she knows that they were gearing up to start divorce proceedings right before the incident that took his life. To keep his memory alive for her children, she has to help uphold the image of the man she once loved.

Her Second Chance: Ben Sawyer just may be Dana’s real hero. She’s known him forever, and ever since her husband’s death, Ben has been Dana’s rock. Will she be able to forget her past hurts to find happiness with the man who wants to be a part of her future?


Her Cowboy Avenger by Kerry Connor

Widow: Elena Weston

Heart-String Tugger: Everyone believes that Elena murdered her ex-husband, a local rancher. But she didn’t do it! Now she’s struggling to stay calm in the face of suspicion, keep herself from being arrested and find protection from vandals who believe she’s guilty.

Her Second Chance: Matt Alavarez is the one person in town who defends her innocence - and he’s also the one man who asked her to run away with him eight years ago. Now he’s back by her side where he should have been all along, but can they bring the true perpetrator to light?


His Best Friend’s Wife by Gina Wilkins

Widow: Renae Sanchez

Heart-String Tugger: Renae lost her husband seven years ago, and she still struggles with the fact that she had feelings for someone else at the time of his death. Can she ever forgive herself?

Her Second Chance: Evan Daugherty has stayed away long enough, but now he’s back to claim the woman he loves. But will Renae put aside her guilt to allow herself a shot at the life that is theirs for the taking?


Some of our favorite romance couples didn’t find lasting love on their first go ‘round — including these four pairs. What is your favorite second chance romance? Tell us in the comment section below. And don’t forget to click over to Everything Romance to find more series romance suggestions.