Series Starter The Immortal Rules By Julie Kagawa To Be Adapted For The Big Screen

Paranormal YA author Julie Kagawa stole our hearts with her Iron Fey series. Now the author is about to embark on a new series, Blood of Eden, with The Immortal Rules, which will be in stores on April 24th. But Kagawa’s new series isn’t the only thing on this author’s plate. The film rights to The Immortal Rules have already been sold. Today we take a look at the upcoming story and chat with the author about the silver screen version of her upcoming read!

So what is The Immortal Rules all about? Here's what we know: heroine Allison lives in the future, during a time where vampires aren't just a creepy bedtime story, but a living, breathing (ish) reality — and at the top of the food chain. Allison dreams that someday she and the other humans will rebel against their masters, and will finally be able to enjoy life where they aren't "Happy Meals on legs," to quote one of our all-time favorite vampires, Buffy the Vampire Slayer's Spike. Buffy references aside, Allison is trying to make this revolution a reality when a series of unexpected events results in her transformation into a member of Team Dracula. And if Allison thought that life was tough before, trying to figure out how to navigate her new existence while staying true to herself, and the cause she is passionate about, is the most difficult challenge she's ever faced — and she's had to figure out how to stay alive in a world where she's on the menu!

Before doing anything else, we knew we had to ask the Julie how The Immortal Rules (and the Blood of Eden series as a whole) compares to her Iron Fey books. Her answer had us positively rabid to get our hands on this new tale.

"In both books, you have a young woman who is thrown into extraordinary circumstances with creatures who are not human. In Meghan's case, faeries, in Allison's, vampires. Both girls are strong, stubborn, and in way over their heads, though they never give up even in the most hopeless situations and keep pressing forward. But while Meghan's upbringing was fairly normal and she had to learn to become a strong leader, Allison's world is dark and bleak and violent, making her a survivor from the very start. Meghan's story was about responsibility and making sacrifices for the good of the whole, even if it meant giving up what she really wanted. Allison's story is about keeping her humanity; her struggle not to become a monster, and what it really means to be human.”

Chilling, right? And a quick look at the cover of the series starter confirms our suspicions. A young woman, who we are betting is Allison, is partially in the shadows, or, if you're feeling whimsical (and we are) shrouded in mystery. And then there's the fact that she's slowly leaking a tear of blood out of her eyes — which happen to be staring right at us. And this woman isn't crying, but she's too focused on whatever it is she's looking at (aka us) to be bothered to wipe away the trickle. Is it because she's hungry, determined or unwilling to let anyone see that there may still be a connection to the human girl she once was? Allison has us asking all the tough questions and we haven't even cracked the book. So we aren't surprised that she's becoming a big screen heroine. 

When we asked Julie which scene from The Immortal Rules she was most looking forward to seeing come to life on the big screen, she said, ”There are a couple, but I think the one I most want to see is the scene in the rain when Allison is dying, and Kanin gives her the choice: die here or become a vampire. It marks the turning point of the entire novel, where Allie must decide what she really wants, and what she's really made of. She hates the vampires with a passion, but her will to survive is too strong, and she makes the fateful choice. She will continue to live to fight another day ... as a vampire. “

Did the temperature just drop in here? Because if that's not chilling, we don’t know what is!

You can find The Immortal Rules in stores on April 24th and we will keep you up to date with all the latest details about this film adaptation. For more movie news be sure to check out our monthly column From Page To Screen: Upcoming Film And TV Adaptations and you can always find the genre's latest book reviews, guest blogs and more at RT’s Everything Young Adult Page!