Sharon Page Asks: Why Do We Really Love Bikers?

Ah, biker heroes. Their appeal is real, raw — and has romance fans begging for more. They're cropping up in our erotica, New Adult and contemporary romances — not to mention on TV and in films. So we asked erotica author Sharon Page, whose latest story "Fast and Mine" is one of 14 in the Riding Desire box set, to tell us why we can't get enough of those biker heroes. After consulting her fellow romance authors, here's what she has to say:

Sons of Anarchy is one of the hottest shows on TV. Readers are devouring books like Joanna Wylde’s Reaper’s Motorcycle Club stories. I recently contributed to the Riding Desire: Alpha Bad Boys Biker box set — that I’m in with 13 other authors — which hit the top 50 on Amazon and B&N within 16 hours of its release.

The cover of Riding Desire

Why are readers so cranked up for bikers? I asked my fellow authors to weigh in.

“Oh GAWD yeah, it’s the leather. Seriously, the leather is what gets me every time.” — author Sara Fawkes.

Motorcycle club members are warriors on bikes. The Alpha male is hugely popular in romance, but bikers are different—they live in a raw, gritty world outside the law. In a great biker romance, if there’s violence it serves the plot and raises the stakes. These are guys who live by a code of loyalty and devotion, who can be hard and brutal, but also protective. And when they fall in love, they fall hard.

“Watching one of these tough guys brought to their knees by love is a pretty powerful experience—to read and to write!” explains author Eden Bradley

Of course, there’s the hot sex. "When I think of a biker, I think of a break-the-rules, tattooed, tough guy who has a big, powerful machine between his legs. And he usually has friends handy to make for exciting scenarios for an erotic romance author!" says author Opal Carew.

If you aren’t into motorcycle clubs, you can still enjoy a bad boy biker hero. Bikers include rock stars, hot cops and motorcycle racers. Author Avery Aster was inspired by real life events when creating bad boy cop hero Officer Ford Gotti—jacked on the outside, salty sweet inside. “In October, the NYPD had a member of their own (while off duty) assault an SUV during a biker rally. His wrongdoings gained worldwide attention.”

For “Fast and Mine,” my story in the Riding Desire anthology, I researched the high-stakes, high-risk world of underground street racing. I could picture leather-clad men trash-talking and throwing down to race, where they reach speeds of 150 mph, when I created speed-junkie, college student Sawyer Tremaine—who races for money to support his mother.

Sarah Castille sums up the primal allure: “Who can resist a crude, arrogant, possessive alpha male who lives outside the law and does what he wants when he wants and with whom he wants? Not me.”

Looking for some hot biker heroes? Here’s a list of some of the hottest:

- Ruger from Joanna Wylde’s Reaper’s Legacy

- Tack from Motorcycle Man by Kristen Ashley

- Ice from Barely Undercover by Sarah Castille

- Storm from Taken by Storm by Opal Carew

- All the men in Jaci Burton's Riding quartet!

Do you have an uncontrollable biker hero obsession? Fess up in the comments. For more steamy reads, visit our Everything Erotica page.