Shiloh Walker Tells Us: When A Romantic Suspense Hero & Heroine SHOULDN'T Have Sex

Romantic Suspense is great, and the thrilling situations the characters find themselves in can make for some hot tension. But sometimes this tension leads to the hero and heroine having sex in some interesting places (in the middle of a natural disaster scene, when being chased by someone who might kill them, etc.). Romantic Suspense author Shiloh Walker (who is also a nurse!) is here to tell us when a romantic suspense hero and heroine should probably keep their pants on.

So… I have this thing. I love romantic suspense. With a fine and burning passion — the spookier, the better. But I also have issues. You see, Romantic Suspense also comes with a lot of tension. A lot of adrenaline. Leads to a lot of potential for getting the sexin’ on right?

Well … not always. Let me explain.

There are certain times it’s NOT good to have the hero and heroine getting it on…

The cover of Deeper Than Need by Shiloh Walker

1. One of the characters has a concussion. Let’s get real here. Concussions come with a pretty decent amount of pain and one of the first things the doctor will tell you with a concussion is to REST. Sex is the opposite of rest. Plus, it causes a head rush. You don’t want a head rush when you’re already hurting with a concussion. If it’s a moderate concussion, you aren’t going to want sex, in all likelihood. If it’s a severe concussion, the character is likely in the hospital (or should be). And we won’t talk about sex in a hospital because that’s a whole other blog post. But, FYI, hospitals are dirty places. You don’t want to have sex in one. EVER.

2. They have bad guys closing in. If they are holed up in a room and the bad guys are hot on their trail — I don’t mean a day away, but they have good reason to believe they could be caught at any time, maybe they shouldn’t be distracted. As good as sex is, isn’t it better to stay alive so they can have sex again … and often?

3. Injuries aside from concussions. I’ve read books where the hero had stitches closing up wounds in his torso. And I mean recently had them put in. As sexy as an alpha guy is, it’s not so sexy if the stitches rip and he starts bleeding on you — then passes out.

4. Sex when you’re supposed to be protecting somebody. Say the book is a bodyguard set-up. Maybe the hero is protecting her. She’s protecting him. Or they are protecting somebody else. It says something about them if they get overcome by hormones. Yeah, the sex is good, but if somebody dies for good sex … or maybe they can focus on the job, and still have sex, which maybe means the sex isn’t good? Hmmm.

5. When the fate of the world is in your hands. Okay, I get you need a stress reliever, but if the fate of the world really is in the hands of the hero, the heroine or both (and maybe it’s not the whole world — it’s a country, a state … even a city.) … do what Will Smith did in I, Robot. Save the Girl… (or a country, a state, a city, you get the point.) Because if the world goes kablooey, no more smexin’ for anybody.

And that’s is my top five. Can you think of any more?

You can pick up Shiloh's first novel in her Romantic Suspense Secrets & Shadows series, Deeper Than Need, available today! For more suspenseful love stories visit our Everything Romance page.