Show Us Your Public Display Of Romance!

Where do you like to read romance novels? In bed? In the bath? On the couch while your significant other watches a boring movie? How about in public? If your reading time is during your daily commute, at Gymboree or while you're enjoying a quiet lunch solo, we want to see it! So we're launching the #PublicDisplayofRomance campaign. See, we think the days of hiding romances are long gone. Not just because of ereaders, but because you should be proud of what you're reading. Wave your romance reader flag high, folks! We want to see it! Which is why we're asking readers to tag themselves reading romances — in print or on their ereader — in public.

A promotional graphic for Public Display of Romance featuring a pile of paperback romance novels.

Here's how it works: Snap a photo of your romance novel out and about. It can be a selfie or just a photo of your book in public. Ebooks and audiobooks count, too! And if you're an author, you can totally snap a photo of your own book. We aren't above being used for shameless self-promotion (in fact, we might even like it). Then, post the photo to your favorite social media outlet and tag it #PublicDisplayofRomance. You can also mention us to make sure we see it: Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram.

Then, every Friday in March we'll pick some of our favorites and display them here in the RT Daily Blog. So check back each week to see if you're featured.

And share the love! If you think romance is a genre worth celebrating, promote and share #PublicDisplayofRomance. We can't wait to see what you're reading!