Sh*t Rom Doms Say: A Look at Dom Heroes in Erotic Romance

Alphas are a particular type of romance novel hero with character traits all of their own: possessiveness and arrogance in particular. But even alphas pale in comparison to Doms or dominants in BDSM erotic romance. As uber control freaks (generally both inside and outside of the bedroom), Doms are know-it-all heroes who like to take full responsibility for their heroines. I might be addicted to reading erotic romances with Dom heroes. There are some great ones, but there are also some of these heroes that have made me want to stab them with a hot poker. Either way, I’ve noticed that they say some highly inventive things. As a result, I started a #ShitRomDomsSay hashtag on Twitter in order to capture the most memorable lines that these take-charge heroes say.

Here are some of my #ShitRomDomsSay favorites:

1. Often times, RomDoms are concerned with the readiness of their subs: "If I want to fuck your ear, I expect your ear to be ready." This beaut is from Tara Sue Me’s The Training, and they are the words of millionaire CEO Nathanial West. Fortunately for readers, there were no ear violations involved in this story. I admit that I was worried for a bit.

2. Some RomDoms are worried about their own private parts: “I like my balls loose.” Damien Lowell from Sierra Cartwright’s In the Den uttered this line when his sub Catrina expressed surprise that Damien wore boxers. I know that I was much less worried about Damien’s balls after reading this. After all they were loose.

3. There are many instances where RomDoms express the belief that they can control more than just their subs:  “It’s horrifying. If we have a kid, it can’t poop.” Keith Langston from Lexi Blake’s Unconditional is afraid of poop and seems to believe that he has the power to create a child with his sub Ashley Paxton who will not have bowel movements. Good luck to this Dom. He might be delusional.

4. An often repeated sentiment from RomDoms is “Sorry, baby. I don’t kiss subs.”  This time, Jake Stone tells him sub Carlie Milton in Cathryn Cades’ She’s All Tied Up that he doesn’t kiss because this isn’t a real relationship. Jake changes his tune real fast when Carlie uses her safe word as a result of not being willing to be treated as a casual hookup. Go Carlie! She certainly showed this RomDom.

5. Some RomDoms think themselves superheroes: “I am fucking Superman right now.” RomDom Soren from Chloe Cox’s Savage Hearts is lauding his self control after having just pleasured Cate but not allowing himself to have sex with her. He doesn’t believe she is ready, but he wants her to acknowledge his colossal achievement. Cate wasn’t terribly thrilled.

6. Often RomDoms dislike it when their women disparage themselves: “I’m not easy on a woman.” It is Kaden Vandergriff who proclaims this to his heroine Tessa McAllen after she confesses that her body is no longer that of a sixteen-year old cheerleader. Kaden is dismissive because he needs a woman who can handle his sometimes difficult demands. RomDoms don’t appreciate frail looking women.

7. RomDoms are generally particular about what they want their subs to wear: “Subbies never wear such offendin’ garments in my presence. From now on, ye’ll go commando whenever we’re together. I want ta be able ta get ta yer bits and pieces whenever I have a mind ta.” Master Roane McKenzie has to make this rule clear to Calliope Smith, ex-Domme, in Cooper McKenzie’s The Domme Who Wasn’t. Roane has the added benefit of saying it all with a Scottish brogue! I guess one can save money if they are a sub if they don’t have to buy undergarments.

8. Every once in a while these overly self-confident heroes do show signs of weakness: “I don’t know. I just want to be the perfect Dom.” Vincent Dupuis is having a bit of a crisis as a RomDom and is being trained by submissive Mia Stoyanovsky in Jade Belfry’s The Perfect Dom. However, his goals may be a bit too lofty, and Mia has to rein him in – proving that it really is the subs who have the control in BDSM relationships.

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