Simon & Schuster's Pocket Star Imprint Will Be E-Only

There’s no denying, these days it’s all about digital books. In fact, AAP’s recently revealed sales figures show that a large portion of the increase in book sales can be attributed to the robust e-book market. And publishers have definitely been paying attention to the trend with new e-lines popping up on an almost weekly basis. Entering the fray is Simon & Schuster which has just announced that the mass market imprint Pocket Star will be re-launched as an e-only imprint.

Although this news may sound like it’s in keeping with Random House’s re-launch of Loveswept or Dutton’s re-launch of Guilt Edged Mysteries, in truth this newly revived line will function more similarly to Berkley/NAL’s digital line, InterMix. Like InterMix, Pocket Star will not be bound by a particular genre. Instead this re-launched line will publish books across a variety of genres, from romance to mystery, urban fantasy to mainstream tales. Additionally, readers can expect this reworked imprint to include books by both bestselling and debut authors.

Pocket’s executive vice president and publisher Louise Burke had this to say about the variety of authors that will be included in the line when these digital books land on e-shelves:

“Similar to how mass market has served as a platform to develop future hardcover authors, it is our mission to use Pocket Star’s new digital-only format to establish new voices in the marketplace. An eBook imprint is flexible, cost-effective, cutting-edge and makes sense in today’s marketplace. Under the Pocket Star banner we will publish original works including full-length novels and novellas from some of our most popular authors.”

And Pocket has those popular authors in spades. They boast romance authors including Sabrina Jeffries, Carrie Lofty and Cindy Gerard, as well as mystery, thriller and paranormal writers. To get a sense for what types of reads you’ll be able to find from the new line, you can take a look at the Pocket Star E-Sampler. It is currently out of stock on the Simon & Schuster website, however, it aptly illustrates the true breadth of the books in this line.

The Pocket Star digital imprint books will get all of the support of the Pocket Books’ team, so we are looking forward to a slew of well-edited reads with beautiful covers. It is also worth noting that news of this upcoming re-launch did include a mention that in the future e-books published in the Pocket Star line may eventually be brought into print.

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