Sink Your Teeth Into Paranormal Series!

With Halloween right around the corner, there's nothing I like better than to sink my teeth into a great paranormal series and read through an entire multi-book arc. Here's a look at some of the paranormal series that are being continued this month:

Something Wicked
by Michelle Rowen
by JR Ward
by Zoe Archer

Series: Living in Eden
“This second installment in the truly captivating Living in Eden series promises that there’s much more fun to come.”
  Series: Fallen Angels
“Ward makes sure her tale is both gritty and highly entertaining!”
  Series: Blades of the Rose
“For those who mix their romance with danger at every turn, Archer’s treasure-hunting adventure series, The Blades of the Rose, is perfection.“

Coming Later This Month:

Ghost Town
by Rachel Vincent
  Heaven's Spite
by Lilith Saintcrow
  Side Jobs
by Jim Butcher

Series: Morganville Vampires
"Come join the eerie adventures, you won’t ever want to leave — and the vampires may not let you!"
  Series: The Jill Kismet Series
"Saintcrow is a visceral writer who keeps the plot going at a frenetic pace."
  Series: The Dresden Files
"Dresden Files fans will rejoice to have this collection available to them in one anthology."

Releasing in Novemeber:

Stronger than Sin
by Caridad Pinero
  Bitten in Two
by Jennifer Rardin
  Touch of Temptation
by Rhyannon Byrd

Series: The Sins Series
"There isn’t a thing missing in this imaginative and fast-paced love story."
  Series: The Jaz Parks Series
"Rardin is known for her exceptional blend of kick-butt action, wild tech gadgets and offbeat humor, adding up to top-notch entertainment."
  Series: The Primal Instinct Series
"Passion and dangerous desire make for an explosive mix!"

What is your favorite paranormal series?