Siren Call of Summer and Sephora

Author Tricia Rayburn's paranormal YA Siren, out July 13, has a premise that RT's Reviewer Kelly Brennan calls "creepy and unique." To show her love for RT, Tricia Rayburn and her publisher Egmont have teamed up for a special two-week blog blast.  

RT has an exclusive sneak peek at   Siren 's entire first chapter, and a great contest! Read on to enter to win Egmont's Summer Beach Bag Giveaway, which has some extra special surprises!

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Writing a book is a scary thing. First you have to come up with an idea that someone besides your mother will appreciate. You have to believe in that idea enough to sit down and stare at a computer screen for hours when you could — and perhaps sometimes should — be doing other things. Then, if you make it that far, you have to take that idea and transform it, word by word, into sentences and paragraphs and chapters you hope will keep readers turning pages.

And the hope? That’s the scariest part of all. Because no matter how hard you try, no matter how many hours you spend with characters you eventually know better than some of your closest friends, there’s never a guarantee that your idea will make it into other people’s hands. If it doesn’t, you might regret not using all that time to weed, vacuum, or do one of a million other things you chose not to do while writing. Even worse, you might feel like you let down the people who cheered you on when writing was harder than you thought it would be.

Vanessa Sands faces a similar dilemma in the first chapter of Siren. Every year, she, her fearless older sister Justine, and boys-next-door Simon and Caleb Carmichael go cliff-diving near their family’s summer home in Maine. Or, more accurately, Justine, Simon, and Caleb go cliff-diving. Vanessa, as scared of heights as she is of the dark, stands paralyzed on the rocky ledge, longing to join her sister and friends, and hating to disappoint them once again. The same thing happens at the start of this summer, with one exception: unbeknownst to Vanessa, it’s her last chance to make Justine proud.

As Siren progresses, Vanessa will challenge some of her oldest fears and develop many new ones. Among the worst is potential heartbreak as she and Simon grow closer and her feelings for him develop into something more than friendship. Vanessa will soon learn that Simon has another admirer — and that her competition is not only beautiful but also strangely irresistible. Vanessa is about to confront much more than she bargained for. At times, Vanessa will be tempted to run away from these fears, but she won’t. She can’t. Just like I couldn’t stop writing her story, despite how much the hope sometimes made me want to hide under the covers.

Thank you, RT BOOK REVIEWS readers. You’ve made facing one of my greatest fears more worth it than I could’ve imagined. I hope you enjoy the exclusive sneak peek of Siren and if you happen to read them at night, feel free to sleep with the lights on afterward. That’s what Vanessa would do!

- Tricia Rayburn

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UPDATE 7/9/2010: The winner of this week's Super Stuffed Summer Beach Bag is EmiliMcG! Read the second author message, the EXCLUSIVE EXCERPT of Siren's second chapter and take advantage of another chance to win the Super Stuffed Summer Beach Bag GIVEAWAY from Egemont. Here >>