Six Historical Tales Of Damsels In Distress From Harlequin

The handsome hero riding to my rescue, slaying a dragon, or untying me from train tracks ... it may not be realistic but it's certainly a nice fantasy. While I've got faith that I could eventually rescue myself from any of these situations — given some time and hopefully access to some power tools — occasionally it's nice to kick back and imagine a hero who wants to do the hard work for me. This month's Harlequin Historical romances bring this fantasy to life from the ballrooms of Regency England to the Wild Wild West, these are six tales of damsels in distress and the handsome men who come to their rescue — whether or not they need it!


Sir Ashley's Mettlesome Match
by Mary Nichols

Feisty heroine Pippa Kingslake writes adventure stories, supports her family on the money they bring in, and is not afraid to take charge of a situation. But when her brother and young cousin go missing after a raid on local smugglers, Pippa turns to thief-taker Sir Ashley for help recovering her loved ones. But can she trust this man who has pledged to make England safer by putting all smugglers behind bars?


Scandalous Innocent
by Juliet Landon

This book features two stories both with heroines named Phoebe. In the early 1600s the first Phoebe Laker meets match in Sir Leo Hawkynne, and after he abducts her, she becomes the woman she has always wanted to be. The second Phoebe is a descendent of the first, and when her brother looses her family home to Lord Buck Ransome in a wager, the lord offers this 17th century Phoebe a chance to stay and become his wife.


More Than a Mistress
by Ann Lethbridge

In Regency England, Charles Mountford, Marquis of Tonbridge, rescues Merry Dreycott from certain death. But Charles certainly doesn't count on his gallant actions changing his world forever when he helps this spirited heroine!


Saving Grace
by Carolyn Davidson

It is up to Reverend Simon Grafton to show Grace Benton that she belongs with him, and in his embrace, after he rescues her from an attack. Will he be able to convince this sweet and innocent woman that she has found her true home?


One Illicit Night
by Sophia James

Five years ago Lord Cristo Wellingham met Eleanor and the pair indulged in a night of passion that, unbeknownst to him, resulted in a daughter. Now their child is threatened and Lady Eleanor comes to Lord Cristo for aid. Years may have passed and their circumstances have changed, but their passion has never died.


To Catch a Husband ...
by Sarah Mallory

When Kitty goes to London to find a husband, she knows she must choose wisely because her mother and aunt are depending on her to land a lord. However Kitty is the most intrigued by the un-titled Daniel Blackwood. Can Daniel sway Kitty's resolve and convince her to follow her heart?


This collection of knights in shining armor is now available! And I want to know, who are a few of your favorite heroes who rush to the rescue (even if the heroine is totally capable of rescuing herself)?