Smart Chicks Kick It in Phoenix/Scottsdale

YA author Alyson Noël takes us behind the scenes of the Phoenix/Scottsdale AZ stops on the Smart Chicks Kick It Tour. Learn how Noël got involved with the tour, take a look at photos from the night and find out where you can catch these authors next!

Melissa Marr and Kelley Armstrong asked me to join them on the Smart Chicks Kick It Tour over lunch.

They were at a restaurant, I was at home, sitting at my desk with the phone clutched to my ear, feeling more than a little star struck to be talking to two authors whose work I admire so much.

Of course, the answer came easy—an enthusiastic, yes! And after months of their diligent planning and organizing and scheduling and last minute finagling, it’s been a blast to see their vision come to life.

The tour’s nearing the halfway mark now, and though each stop is different, the one thing they share in common is a friendly, enthusiastic, completely awesome crowd. And I think I can safely speak for all of us when I say that we’re having an absolute blast meeting all the bloggers, booksellers, and, of course, the readers, and I’m personally humbled by the distances that so many have traveled to attend—and the Phoenix stop was no different.

Authors At The Smart Chicks Phoenix/Scottsdale Tour Stop
(From Left: Kelley Armstrong, Alyson Noël, Melisa Marr, Holly Black,

Sarah Rees Brennan and Kimberly Derting)

We had a wonderful welcome from the Poisoned Pen Bookstore who sponsored the event, as well as the Scottsdale Civic Library where it was held, who had an array of tasty refreshments waiting for us (how did they know we’d be craving sugar?), including a Smart Chicks Boot shaped cookie that tasted as good as they look!


And then, the fun began. And believe me, these events are so fun and unscripted just about anything can (and does) happen!

We had an impromptu fencing lesson from Sarah Rees Brennan.

We played a game called “Marry-Shag-Cliff” (also instigated by Ms. Brennan, are you sensing a pattern here?), where we handed the microphone over to the readers who told us which characters from our various series they would marry, shag (um, for the record, “shag” means make-out), or throw over a cliff.


We gave away stuff—lots and lots of stuff—including a huge basket full of all of the Smart Chicks books. And one lucky reader will be named as a character in the upcoming Smart Chicks Anthology (though we gave no promise that her character will end happily, much less survive!)

And then, after several hours of signing, the Smart Chicks headed back to the hotel to relax and unwind over food and drinks, where, um, more mayhem ensued . . . though unfortunately none of that was captured on film!

Thanks to all of you who showed us such an amazing good time in Arizona!


Peace * Joy * Love,

Alyson Noël

Want to know more about the tour? Check out the Smart Chicks Kick It Tour website to find out who else will be appearing on tour and where they will be from now until September 25th. Tomorrow the tour heads to the Encinitas County Library in San Diego, CA. You can follow all the tour action over at their website and check back later this week for the next author report from the road.

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