Sneak Peek: Anna Campbell's Midnight's Wild Passion

RT brings you an exclusive first look at Anna Campbell's upcoming novel, Midnight's Wild Passion. For this book Campbell puts her own spin on the Cinderella story. No we go beyond the back cover blurb for this special look at this new historical romance which will hit bookstores in April.


Rakes, Duels, Balls, House Parties, Elopements - Oh, My! 

My latest historical romance, Midnight’s Wild Passion, goes on sale April 26th. It’s my sixth book for Avon and it’s the closest I’ve come to writing a classic Regency romance like the wonderful Georgette Heyers I grew up reading. As you’ve probably gathered from the heading, classic elements abound in this story! 

The hero, Nicholas Challoner, Marquess of Ranelaw, is an unrepentant rake and he’s out to wreak a particularly rakish revenge on the man who ruined his sister. The heroine Antonia Smith is an outwardly humble companion who dresses appallingly and lurks in the corners of ballrooms while her pretty charge enchants the ton. Ranelaw finds himself unaccountably attracted to this mysterious and spirited woman who stands between him and his long-awaited vengeance. Because of course dedicated romance readers have already guessed that dowdy Antonia Smith is MUCH more than she appears. Through an event-filled London Season, Antonia and Ranelaw embark on a passionate battle of wits where the stakes rise and rise until it’s literally a matter of life and death. 

All of my romances so far have been variations on Beauty and the Beast (I love fairy tale romance). But Midnight’s Wild Passion is a Cinderella story with perhaps the lightest brush of a swan’s feather from the Ugly Duckling. There’s even a ball scene where our put-upon heroine gets to dance with the prince. Well, let me rephrase that – Ranelaw is in the painful process of becoming a prince. He’s definitely got his flaws at the start of the story – I do so adore a flawed hero who is dragged kicking and screaming toward redemption when he falls in love. 

Midnight’s Wild Passion isn’t a complete departure from my earlier books. There are dark, dramatic elements, and both Ranelaw and Antonia need to conquer the demons of their pasts before they achieve their happy ending. I had a wonderful time writing the sensual love scenes in this story. I always enjoy watching a heroine when she knows she shouldn’t give in, but the attraction is so overwhelming, she can’t help succumbing to a rake’s wiles. And Ranelaw uses all his roguish wiles to lure Antonia, at first for his own nefarious purposes, until he discovers he’s just as enmeshed in inescapable attraction as his quarry. The seducer finds himself utterly seduced. 

You can read an excerpt of Midnight’s Wild Passion on my website:

So do you have a favourite Cinderella romance? Cinderella is a timeless classic which has inspired so many wonderful books. Who doesn’t love the tale of the downtrodden but worthy girl meeting a prince who recognizes her for the treasure she truly is?

- Anna Campbell

Anna Campbell's Midnight's Wild Passion will be released on April 26th, 2011.