Sneak Peek: Devyn Quinn's Darkness Descending

RT brings you an exclusive first look at Devyn Quinn's upcoming novel, Darkness Descending. We go beyond the back cover blurb with the author who shares how this August's Buffy-inspired novel became the start of something so much more.


Darkness Descending, the first book of my Vampire Armageddon series with NAL, had a difficult journey finding its place in this world. It all began when I was watching a popular television show about a certain young blonde vampire slayer. The one thing that always struck me was how easy it seemed to create a vampire. A bite, the victim dies, and then rises instant vampire! As Ricky would say to Lucy, it seemed to me that there was more 'splainin’ needed to make everything mesh in a logical manner.

I know, I know. It's all fiction, right? But I want my fiction to make sense, I say, as I pound my desk with a fist.

And so I began to think about how I'd create vampires if I were the one in charge. Certainly they'd have to be old creatures, perhaps existing at a time before man populated the earth. And then I got to thinking: what if vamps were Lucifer's revenge against the Enlightened One? What if the goddess of all life had cursed Lucifer's very blood with a demonic parasite that would cause unending torment? And what if Lucifer and his swarm of fallen angels began to spread that parasite among the human race? After all, prophecy says that man will be visited by four plagues. What if the beginning of the end begins with a plague of vampires?!

Suddenly it all fell into place and the Palindromes, those men born with a strange DNA sequence that gives them immunity to the parasite. But what about the leader who'd pull them all together to fight the spread of evil? Clearly a Joan of Arc figure was needed. And so Jesse Burke was born; a young woman with a strange resistance to the vampiric infection that no other female on earth has. Is Jesse the savior the Enlightened One has promised to send to save her beloved humans? Or is she another tool of evil, one Lucifer will take advantage of?

No matter the answer, I believe fans of paranormal romance and urban fantasy will enjoy the struggles Jesse faces as a human infected by a demon whose hunger drives her to the very edge of sanity—and beyond.

- Devyn Quinn

Devyn Quinn's Darkness Descending is scheduled to be released on August 2nd, 2011.