Sneak Peek: Elizabeth Amber's Bastian

RT brings you an exclusive first look at the next in Elizabeth Amber's Lords of Satyr series, Bastian. We go beyond the back cover blurb for this special look at this historical, paranormal, erotic romance which will hit bookstores the end of April.


Infamous for his uncanny ability to make amazing archeological finds in the Roman Forum with unerring ease, and more highly sexed than most of his kind, Bastian Satyr is both greatly admired and envied. Although he knows exactly how to cherish a woman’s body, he is seemingly incapable of giving and receiving love. Visions from the past threaten his heritage and all he has worked for as he searches for the elusive Temple of the Vestal Virgins.

Silvia is an Ephemeral with ties to the ancient Vestals. She seeks to use Bastian in a daring attempt to rescue a particular artifact that once belonged to her—an opal that creates a firegate through which interworld travel is possible. But she never expected or wanted to love him. For she cannot have him--Bastian belongs to her dearest friend Michaela.

The iron-willed, charismatic Bastian is the eldest brother in the small clan of Satyrs in 1880s Rome. Descended from a royal bloodline of half-satyr/ half-human men, they are entrusted with safeguarding the ancient secrets of their ancestors. Yet as the excavations begin in the Forum, they have never been in greater danger of discovery in their adopted human world!

-Elizabeth Amber

Elizabeth Amber's Bastian is scheduled to be released on April 26th, 2011. And, if you can't wait until then, you can read an excerpt of this upcoming release at