Sneak Peek: Gregg Hurwitz's You're Next

RT brings you an exclusive first look at Gregg Hurwitz's upcoming novel You're Next. We go beyond the back cover blurb with the author who shares how this story is different from his other works. Also, check out the giveaway at the end of the author's message. 


Part of why I’m a writer is that I’m an insomniac. An image will hit me, or a scene, and it’ll gnaw on my brain in the small hours until I need to write it down to get it out. You're Next is the most emotional book I’ve written, I think because it’s the first book I’ve attacked fully from the perspective of a parent. 

What was the scene that struck me and wouldn’t let go?

A boy is dropped off by his father at an unfamiliar playground as a four-year-old and told to go play. Climbing out of the station wagon, he notices a single drop of blood on the cuff of his father’s sleeve. But whose?

As morning turns to afternoon, the boy realizes that he has been abandoned. And the notion of that reality dawning on that kid—well, it just wouldn’t let me go to sleep. So I got up and started to write more about that boy, maybe in an attempt to redeem him. To see what the future could hold for him. Growing up in foster homes, Mike Wingate never learns why he was left. But by the time we hit the second chapter, we know that he’s finally achieved the life he’s always dreamed of. A wife he’s madly in love with. A terrific daughter. 

And then. 

Always the most dangerous two words in crime fiction. 

Dark figures emerge who seem to know about Mike’s past—the past he doesn’t even know about—and he is forced to protect his wife and daughter at any cost. Which means doing anything, even reaching back into the violence of his rough upbringing. Even calling in an old friend, Shep, from those foster homes to come in and bring his criminal smarts and muscle to bear. By the time it’s over, Mike will have to face down not just this present danger, but the secret terrors of his childhood, the ones that led him to be abandoned all those years ago. 

My books tend to come from some central fear that creeps into my chest. That forces primal questions to the fore. 

What lengths would I go to to make sure my daughter was safe? What would I do to protect the woman I love? 

It starts with a waking dream sometimes. And ends on the page.  

- Gregg Hurwitz

Gregg Hurwitz's You're Next will be released on July 5th. For a list of more upcoming releases, check here.


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