Sneak Peek: Lauren Dane's Mesmerized

RT brings you an exclusive first look at Lauren Dane's new novel, Mesmerized. We go beyond the back cover blurb for a special look at this futuristic erotica, which will hit bookstores early April.


Mesmerized is book two in my Phantom Corps miniseries, which is part of the Federation Chronicles series of futuristic erotic romances. This one has a little bit of a hat tip to Firefly (loved that show!). 

Mesmerized tells the story of Andrei Solace, one of the elite Phantom Corps team. A man of few words, who does not let too many people in past his silent façade, he’s been a bit of a mystery in the series. 

War has begun to break out and the enemy of The Federated Universes is using ‘Verses on the frontier with Imperialist territory to smuggle. Just what and why is a mystery they’re beginning to solve. So Phantom Corps teams are sent to get answers. 

Piper was raised in the harsh Asphodel environs. She’s tough and resourceful and prepared for anything. Or so she thinks until she’s rescued from certain death by the man she hasn’t laid eyes on in eleven years. Her feelings for the boy she’d given her heart to had been sweet and a little wistful. But the man who shows up is so much more than the boy and before long, the way the man makes her feel is far more intense.

This girl Andrei once loved is now a fierce woman who can pilot a ship through canyons at high speeds, and drive him wild with equal abandon. As much as he tries to protect her from the darkness inside him, Piper only sees how admirable he and the code he live by are, and refuses to let him push her away. He’s befuddled and touched by how she works to protect him as they team up to try to stop a machine that has dire consequences to all humans, on both sides of the line.

- Lauren Dane

Lauren Dane's Mesmerized, book two in the Phantom Corps series, is scheduled to be released on April 5th, 2011.