Sneak Peek: Maggie Shayne's Children Of Twilight Series

RT brings you an exclusive first look at Maggie Shayne's characters from her upcoming Children of Twilight series. 


James and Brigit Poe are two characters unlike any others I’ve written. They are known among the enemies of the Undead as the “mongrel twins,” part human, part vampire. Even they don’t know the full extent of their powers. They seem to be immortal. They share vampiric traits such as the ability to communicate mentally, superhuman strength, bursts of impossible speed, and a craving for mortal blood. But they also share human traits, like the ability to walk in sunlight, and eat normal food. And they have other skills that neither humans nor vampires possess.

Only one of them was born alive. Little Brigit emerged from her mother’s womb blue and lifeless. Until in moment of raw power, her newborn brother instinctively gripped her little fingers in his own. And as he held on, his sister’s skin turned pink. She began to breathe.

It was obvious early on that James was born with the power of healing--even of restoring life to the dead. Brigit’s power only appeared later--and it was the polar opposite of her brother’s. Her power is destruction. She considers herself “the bad twin.”

James has spent his life searching for understanding--what is his purpose? Why was he born with the power to heal? He’s turned his back on the vampiric side of his family, choosing to pass as a mortal, to live in the human world as he seeks his answers. That is, until a tell-all book written by a former agent of the Division of Paranormal Investigations (DPI) reveals the existence of vampires to the world at large. And all hell breaks loose. The government seeks to find, contain and control the undead, while vigilante groups spring up seeking to wipe them out entirely. And James is needed as never before.

The Vampire Armageddon has begun, and the mongrel twins are the only hope their people have. An ancient prophecy indicates that only a long dead king of Ancient Sumer can prevent the end of vampire-kind. But how can a dead man intervene?

Translator of the ancient stone tablet, Professor Lucy Lanfair, has no idea that the things in the prophecy are true, and about to turn her life upside down as she is taken captive by the Undead, and forced to help them in their fight to save their race.

The answer lies in James’ gift. In Twilight Prophecy, his power over life and death will be put to the ultimate test when he must attempt to restore life to a man who’s been dead for thousands of years. Unless he succeeds, the Undead are doomed. 

- Maggie Shayne

The first book in Maggie Shayne's Children of the Twilight series, Twilight Prophecy, is scheduled to release on April 19th, 2011. And if you are interested in learning about other upcoming releases, click here!