Sneak Peek: Seduce Me In Flames By Jacquelyn Frank

RT brings you an exclusive first look Seduce Me In Flames, the second in Jacquelyn Frank's futuristic series. Read on to get a behind the scenes look at the Extreme Tactics Force and their mission directly from the author. 


Seduce Me in Flames brings us back to the adventures of the Interplanetary Militia in the Three Worlds universe. The Three worlds have seen some pretty interesting things, mostly centering around the vast political and cultural differences that tend to occur from one inhabited planet to the next. The IM polices these aliens, making sure they all play nice in the name of keeping the peace and seeing that everyone leads a reasonably happy existence. But where there are rules there are those who get very good at getting away with breaking them. Ambrea Vas Allay’s father and uncle are prime examples, and so growing up as an exiled princess and a threat to the line of succession has made life difficult for her, to say the least. Torturous, to be more accurate. When Ambrea’s father dies, the succession is the question of the day and Ambrea’s uncle has no qualms about arranging her death in order to bend things to his liking.

Luckily the princess has a friend or two in high places still. Enter part of the IM’s Special Active team. They will attempt a daring rescue. If they can get an untrusting girl to trust again. It will all balance on the broad shoulders and cunning skills of the team’s arms master, Rush “Ender” Blakely. But Rush is a Tarian, and in Ambrea’s country, Tarian’s are lowlife savages and absolutely not to be trusted.

Cut off from his team, Rush has only his training, his strength and his dubious charms to recommend him. He has no idea how to treat a lady of station, which is fine because he does know how to save her life. All he has to do is convince her of it. But just when he thinks he’s done that, he makes a deadly mistake and exposes a secret he has been keeping all of his life. Now his whole existence is in danger, and it all rests in whether or not he can trust his displaced heiress not to speak of it to the IM family who means everything to him. And somewhere between safety and danger, trust and mistrust and secrets and lies, sparks begin to fly.

-Jacquelyn Frank

Jacquelyn Frank's Seduce Me In Flames is scheduled to be released on July 26th, 2011. For more reads soon to hit stores, check out our Upcoming Releases Page!